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Tesla Model 3 looks sleek and stylish at first sight. If you look inside the vehicle, you might wonder where the majority of car amenities are located. It is easy to find the Model 3 outlet. There's a reason the 12v socket isn't visible.

Lifting the console panel will allow you to access the 12v outlet located in the middle of the Model 3 console. The outlet is located in the upper part of the front. It keeps the Tesla design sleek and modern.

You could say the location of the outlet 12v is hidden. The outlet is hidden in a space that doesn't detract from the modern, clean interior. Find out where to locate the 12v socket and how to use it.


Why is the 12v power socket hidden?

Elon Musk’s "first principle thinking" has been the Tesla design mantra. To simplify, you must first get to the root of the problem. Then work up from there. This could also be used to explain why the 12v plug is hidden. The 12v socket is in the middle of the console. It's hidden but still easily accessible. Musk's philosophy allows for the Model 3 to keep its sleek interior. It takes away the cluttered appearance.

Tesla owners will enjoy the new features that come with each version of Model 3. Tesla has a sleek modern design as an electric vehicle. Interior design was minimalistic from the very first Model 3 released.


Minimalist interior design

Model 3 cars are notable for their lack of interior buttons. It is for this reason that the 12v socket is hidden in the dashboard. There are many other cars that have too many buttons. These include radio dials, HVAC controls and charging ports.

Model 3 hides these items. The touchscreen is at the center of attention in the car's interior. Model 3 is much more than just an electric car. Communication can be done via your smartphone's Tesla app or the touchscreen. The touchscreen is the only way to communicate with the interior. This is a technologically advanced vehicle.


Upgraded Console for Newer Model 3 Vehicles

The center console of the 2021 Tesla Model 3 has a matte finish, made from faux leather. This is a change from the previous version which had a gloss finish. The console in the center hides all of the charging ports, and also provides extra storage.

Center consoles include:

  • 2 Cup Holders
  • Phone dock with 2 Smartphones
  • RFID transmitter for key fobs, key cards

In the backseat the console can be hidden or used as an extra armrest. It can also be lowered and revealed two cup holders. Overall, interior design is extremely minimalist and tech-friendly.


Is there a need for the 12v socket

In the 21st century, USB ports are more prevalent and the 12v outlet becomes less necessary. The 12v outlet is still needed for certain things, such as:

  • Socket adapter (with USB port)
  • The 150W inverter is equipped with a 110v plug.

Adapters are sometimes needed, even though there is a large number of USB ports inside the car. The 12v outlet's use isn't as common, but it is there just in case.


Tesla Model 3: Hidden 12v outlet

USB ports have been placed in areas where they do not interfere with interior design. The 12v socket is hidden within the interior.

The 12v socket is located in the Model 3 as follows:

  • Open the rear section of the center console.
  • This compartment is located at the top right of the console.

Once you have located the outlet, it's easy to use. It is easy to use the outlet once it has been located.

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Is there a limit to when you can use the power socket?

The Tesla Model 3 has two batteries. There's a main pack of batteries that is responsible for the driving. The 12v battery powers the electronic devices and acts as a power source when the main pack is charging.

The 12v socket in the vehicle will be unpowered when it is "sleeping", parked or not used.

When the vehicle or high voltage battery is being charged, the 12v plug will work. When the vehicle is communicating with your mobile app as part of its normal routine, the 12v plug will work.


What you should not use in a 12v outlet

Model 3 power sockets 12v should not be used to jump-start a vehicle. This could seriously damage your vehicle. If you have any problems after using the 12v socket, it is advised that you contact technical support.


Reimagining the Vehicles of Tomorrow

Tesla Model 3 is all tech. In 2021, the Model 3 dashboard will only have the touchscreen. It is sleek and simple. It is not in keeping with the aesthetics of this car, so it's hidden behind the middle console.

Every vehicle interior is designed with technology and minimalism at the forefront. Model 3 is a mainstream model of Tesla. The risk of hiding the 12v socket for the mass market is high, but makes sense when it comes to an all-electric vehicle.

The 12v outlets are hidden away in every vehicle so as not to take away from touchscreens. Consult the owner’s manual of each model for more information about hidden features.

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Minimalistic Design is enhanced with the Hidden 12v Outlet

The minimalistic interior has nothing in common with other makes and models of vehicles. A dashboard decluttered to only show the large touchscreen is the future of vehicles. Model 3 is more intelligently designed than a simple vehicle. Features like the hidden 12v socket are cleverly hidden.

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