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Teslas are among the most technologically advanced and desirable electric cars on the market today. Their Model 3 vehicle represents their latest technological breakthrough. Over time, automobile culture and aesthetics have changed rapidly; traditional features like cigarette lighters have no longer become part of automotive culture.

The Tesla Model 3 does not feature an actual cigarette lighter socket; however, there is an outlet labeled as such located within its center console, beneath the console tray. You should not attempt to use this outlet and should therefore refrain from doing so.

Just like with any vehicle, you can use the 12V outlet on the Tesla Model 3 to power an AC inverter. However, you might be disappointed to discover no port exists for lighting cigarettes; here are a few important considerations when using electronic equipment on its 12V socket.

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Cigarette lighter versus 12V outlet

Most new cars no longer feature cigarette lighters and ashtrays; instead they come equipped with 12V outlets - often mistaken for cigarette lighters but actually used for electronic accessories as well as many other purposes.

Original cigarette lighters were more complex in form than their modern-day counterparts, featuring coils and metal covers. Now however, 12V outlets feature sleeker plastic designs featuring one electric prong to transmit electrical current without creating heat transference issues.

An average driver may not use 12V outlets very often; they're generally used for AC powered devices like laptops. In order to charge larger electronics like your laptop using these outlets, an inverter may be necessary - one which plugs directly into one and converts DC battery energy into AC energy.

Make sure that the inverter you purchase has been certified or is compatible with Tesla products; doing so could bring many advantages.

  • Overheating or blowing fuses are strictly forbidden.
  • Accelerated charging of devices
  • These parts are less likely to be rejected by vehicles.

iPhones will not accept low-quality charger cables, just as Tesla 12V outlets do not.


How can I install a cigarette lighter in a Tesla Model 3?

An automobile designed to reduce pollution would seem bizarre with its own cigarette light in it, not to mention the fire risk involved with using lighters as they present too great an inherent threat of ignition.

Installing a cigarette light into the Tesla Model 3 12V power outlet is possible, although not recommended. Although Tesla doesn't support electronic cigarette lights directly, there are accessories on Amazon which claim they can convert regular lighters to 12V outlets.

Installing an incompatible cigarette lighter from a third party poses the danger of blowing the fuse in your center console and fire, due to many flammable objects stored there. A non-compatibile lighter could exceed its outlet's temperature threshold, potentially melting plastics or wiring in its path.

Reviews demonstrate that installing a cigarette lighter does not automatically light your cigarette, while others claim the device can blow a fuse when connected in certain vehicles. Overall, the risks outweigh considering such an idea.


Tesla Model 3 12V Outlet

The Tesla Model 3's 12V outlet operates at 16A instead of 15A, allowing you to plug your 12V phone charger directly into its socket.

Keep this in mind when selecting a charger compatible with Tesla technology: this can prevent costly mistakes. While 12V outlets are still effective options for many electronic accessories, USB ports tend to provide better efficiency.

Micropower converters that transform DC into AC can help transform 12-volt outlets into 3-prong ones, so that compatible gadgets such as USB ports or 12V ports may be used instead of having to purchase specially made models for them.

Teslas require additional precaution, as fuses may interfere with other electronic components and potentially cause other issues. Furthermore, being electric means there are more wires - plugging in an accessory not approved or sold by Tesla may pose risks that lead to significant issues.


What types of devices can I use with the Tesla Model 3 "cigarette lighter?"

A 12V outlet can be used to power a variety of gadgets. Its purpose is to enable you to charge and utilize more powerful devices other than just smartphones.

There are various devices designed to work specifically with 12V outlets that you can plug in other than just your computer to charge it.

  • Vacuum
  • Electric Kettle
  • Mini Fridge
  • Air Purifier
  • TV

Due to its 12V outlet (commonly referred to as a cigarette lighter), certain gadgets may not work with the Tesla Model 3 console. An extender may help connect multiple 12V outlets outside, though beware not to overheat or drain your battery!


What is the maximum power that Tesla's 12V outlet can handle?

Tesla's 12V outlets can handle 16 amps; however, you should limit their load to 80% of capacity. An average mini-fridge designed for 12V outlets will use approximately three amps an hour; most gadgets that use 12V plugs typically draw three or six amps per hour.

There's plenty of space to plug any devices you desire, even though the Tesla's 12V battery (independent of its main lithium-ion batteries) is used solely to power background lighting. While its main battery can be recharged, its 12V counterpart acts like any standard car battery.

An ideal inverter to use when installing the Tesla charging port in your garage should be at least 150 watts, as an average mini fridge uses about 60 watts.

With the proper hardware in place, most Tesla battery needs can be met. No equipment will exceed 12V socket limits. But keep in mind that should your 12V battery fail unexpectedly, it must be replaced just like any other vehicle battery would be.


So, if you want to keep your Tesla Model 3 up-to-date, it's best to ditch the cigarette lighter and use a standard lighter. There are many high-tech options that the 12V port offers. It is one of the reasons why it's still used in modern cars.

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