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Tesla Motors Guide: Can you jump start a Tesla?

Tesla has been proving electric cars are faster, more efficient, and fun to drive since 2003. Tesla strives to put clean transportation and energy at the forefront of automotive. Not only do they create environmentally-friendly vehicles, but they also manufacture their own cleaner generation and storage products.

Can a Tesla vehicle be jumped started? This is a question asked frequently about Tesla vehicles. The 12v auxiliary Tesla battery can be jump-started. The 12v auxiliary battery can be found under the hood and is used to power the vehicle's electronics, but not its motor. Tesla's main driving batteries cannot be jump started. Charge the Tesla's main driving battery to make it work.

Many simple questions are begging for answers. As more Teslas are produced, many people do not know how to maintain them. Here's one.

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What should I do when my Tesla has died?

Teslas run solely on electricity. Each car comes with two batteries, a 12v auxiliary power source that supplies the safety systems and controls of the vehicle. The Tesla's main battery keeps the secondary battery charged while it is charging. However, if the main battery goes out, it is possible that the secondary battery will also go out.

What happens if you completely run out of battery power on your Tesla?

This service is provided by Tesla for the duration of your vehicle's warranty (4 years 50,000 miles for new Teslas, or 1 year 10,000 miles after that period if you bought a used Tesla). Tesla provides this service for the life of your vehicle's warranty (four years 50,000 mile for new Teslas or one year 10,000 mile after that period for used Teslas).

Tesla Roadside Assistance may be reached by calling 877-798-352, or through your Tesla Smartphone app.

The towing service will come and tow your vehicle to the nearest charging station.

Please note that Tesla Roadside Assistance will not cover towing if the battery is "out of charge" for free. A fee will apply. Flat Tires are covered for free, as is Lockouts and Breakdown towing.

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How To Jumpstart The Tesla 12v Battery?

Only when the 12v batteries have failed should you need to jumpstart your Tesla.

You may find that the 12v battery dies soon after your main battery has run out. You'll have to jumpstart your car to be able to change settings, such as Tow Mode and any other devices powered by 12v batteries.

Your 12v battery could also die on its own after 3 to 5 years. Tesla's car will alert you 2 weeks before it happens.

How To Jumpstart Tesla Battery 12v:

  1. Remove the front tow-eye cover
  2. Identify the positive and Negative Connections
  3. Connect the external battery using a jumper cable (red then black)
  4. Power ON external battery
  5. Front trunk automatically opens
  6. External Battery Power Off
  7. Disconnect external battery connectors (black first then red)
  8. Replace front tow eyes cover
  9. Remove plastic panel underneath front trunk
  10. Locate 12v battery
  11. Use jumper cables to connect Tesla batteries to external batteries (red first, followed by black).
  12. Power ON external battery
  13. Wait for 10 Minutes (Tesla Screen will turn ON)
  14. Power off external battery
  15. Disconnect external battery connectors (black first then red).
  16. Replace the plastic panel beneath the front trunk
  17. Close front trunk
  18. Connect Tesla to Charge (or Drive to nearest charger)

If your 12v battery has died in a certain way, you may need to buy a new one.

The warranty should cover the cost of a new 12v Tesla battery. If not, a replacement battery could cost up to $150.

It is a good idea to keep one of these external batteries jumpers with you in your vehicle at all time. One of these days, it may be useful to get you through an emergency!


How Can I Tell If My Tesla Battery Is Running Low on Charge?

Tesla electric vehicles have systems to alert you when your battery power is running low, just like gasoline cars.

Tesla warns you when it is running low on battery power.

  • When battery power is low, the green bar below the speedometer turns yellow.
  • The bar changes from yellow to a red color when the battery is down to 5%.
  • This is the point where a dotted-line appears, which indicates that maximum power is restricted. This means the car will run but it will not reach its maximum speed.
  • If you keep driving until the battery reaches zero you will get a warning saying "Charge now!"
  • Performance of the car becomes noticeably slow at this stage. Although it will still be capable of reaching 60 mph (or more), all processes in the car will begin to slow.
  • The warning chime will sound and the message "Pullover Safely" will be displayed when the car has run out of power.

After you stop your car, call Tesla Roadside Assistance. Or a towing company, if you prefer. Follow the above steps to take your Tesla to a charger.


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Tesla's electric cars have taken the market by storm. They are truly amazing. It takes some time to adjust from a gas-powered car to an electric one. The battery level of your Tesla must be monitored and you should get used to checking it regularly to ensure that there is enough charge for your vehicle to safely get where you need to go in the event that charging stations are not available during your trip.

There are 2 batteries in the Tesla. One is the main battery which drives the vehicle, and another 12v that powers minor electronics. The main battery maintains the 12v batteries charge, but if your Tesla's primary battery runs to empty, you may have a dead 12v.


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