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Tesla Model 3 Can't find WiFi? And How To Fix it?

Tesla has revolutionized how people think about electric cars, and with good reason. But what are some of the issues that come with all this new technology? Model 3 owners have reported WiFi connectivity issues in their electric cars.

Model 3 owners have probably noticed connectivity issues while at home or on the road. This can have a negative impact on your vehicle's performance, especially if you're not connected to the cellular network.

This article outlines several troubleshooting methods and provides the best solutions to this specific problem.

Identifying the Problem

Ask yourself: Does the Model 3 properly scan for WiFi networks?

  1. On the main touch-screen panel, there should be an icon for WiFi in the upper left corner.
  2. This icon opens the WiFi menu, which has the "WiFi Setting option" at the bottom.
  3. You can turn WiFi on by pressing here, and then tapping the virtual switch located in the upper right corner of this menu.

After you have turned on the WiFi feature in your Tesla, it will begin scanning for available networks. If you're not near a network to which you were previously connected, your Tesla won’t automatically connect you to the internet. In this situation, it will only show you the available network options in your locality.

To connect to a brand new network there are certain requirements.

  • It must be a WiFi network with a minimum of 2.4 GHz.
  • There can be no security without WPA2 or WPA
  • WiFi must provide internet

Note that you may need to accept a "Terms of Service" after connecting to some networks, even if there is no password.

Tesla WiFi requires you to press the "Connect" button manually after you have verified the password.

Model 3 WiFi Still Not Connecting?

The next step is to make sure your WiFi has been turned on and that you are in the range of a WiFi network that meets the required requirements.

It usually takes less than a minute to reboot your system and fix the WiFi problem.

  1. Put your Tesla in Park
  2. Hold the brake pedal down with your foot.
  3. For 10 seconds, press and hold the scroll wheels of both steering wheels.
  4. Once the screen turns black, release both the brake pedals and scroll wheels
  5. Wait approximately 1 minute for your screen to reboot

Most of the time, this will fix your WiFi connection problems. Click the WiFi network from the dropdown menu once the screen has completely rebooted.

Are you still having problems connecting to the Internet?

The internet technology of the Model 3 may have some quirks that prevent you from connecting. This is more of an environmental issue, which may force you to move.

The second easiest fix is to restart your WiFi router. To fix this, unplug and then re-plug the WiFi router.

If there is no router within the direct line of sight, the Model 3's antenna will have difficulty connecting to the network. This can be due to walls and other structures. If the router in your parking garage is obstructed at home or work, you might need to move to another area.

Some users have noticed that parking the Model 3 outside their homes interferes with its ability to connect reliably to a wireless network. If your car is far from your modem, it's important to boost the WiFi signal in your home. It may help to use a WiFi extender to get a steady connection.

If you set your Model 3 to switch to a cellular connection if WiFi is too weak, the function that was running on WiFi may take several moments to fully restore.

Where Is the Model 3 Wireless Antenna Located?

Model 3's WiFi is powered by the integrated rear-view antenna, which is located in the rear-view mirror. Your Model 3 WiFi antenna will work better if it is placed closest to the router at home.

It uses a VPN for secure connections between WiFi networks in the car and the network.

You can easily access all of the hardware behind the main console (except for the antenna), in case you need to do maintenance.

The antenna may be damaged, or the electrical wiring may be compromised. The problem could worsen as damaged hardware does not repair itself.

Upgrade your Home Equipment

If you want to improve your home WiFi, it is worth considering purchasing equipment such as an extender. This equipment extends and enhances the WiFi signal.

I use this WiFi extender and it works great. This is the Netgear AC1200. It was purchased from Amazon, and I recommend it.

Most of the time the problem is resolved after you connect your Model 3 with the new network and reboot your modem.

Tips: Install the internet extension as close as possible to the place you keep your Model 3 at home. Install the internet extender in the garage or at the front door.

Download and Install Updates

The software used by your Tesla may be old, especially if this was a second-hand Tesla you purchased or you hadn't activated it in recent times. The Model 3 will lose its WiFi functionality if you don't update it with the latest software.

You can update your software in two phases.

  • It is necessary to download the data packets before installing and integrating them into the software.
  • Both phases need a strong Internet or cellular connection
  • You can check for software updates by opening the "Software" menu on the main display of the Tesla console.
  • Here you'll find a notification of required updates as well as a control panel where you can schedule updates to be performed later.

Some of these options are only found under the "Advanced menu". This section allows you to customize your update preferences and schedule updates.

Model 3 users will require a steady connection to download updates. If you cannot connect to WiFi, how can you download an update? If you have an iPhone or Android, try connecting the Model 3 to a hotspot. Many users have reported success when placing their phone near the driver's side mirror, where the antenna is.

Tesla Support may be able to help you troubleshoot any hardware problems if there's no stable connection for the updates.

Understanding Software Updates

This is a software update that occurs in the background, or at the request of the owner. These updates can improve the vehicle's performance in many different ways.

  • New energy consumption monitoring software
  • The new safety updates improve the speed at which software communicates with each other
  • Tesla AI Updates

You should know when and how these updates will take place and how this will affect your driving.

Can I drive a Model 3 during the update?

No, you cannot drive your Tesla when it is updating. The car can be driven safely during the download phase, but not during the installation phase.

Even if your phone switches from cellular to WiFi service quickly, if you're driving, downloading will be stopped. It will only prolong the download phase if this occurs frequently.

The best way to update your software is from home using a strong WiFi network.

What should I do if my software update fails?

Rebooting your Model 3 or other devices may be necessary if there is reason to think that the update failed. If the main display freezes, you may need to do one of several types of reboots. Rebooting both your Model 3 device and devices is an easy way to make sure that any cookies or data caches that might be affecting the WiFi have been cleared.

  • The first type of restart you can perform is the easiest. The touchscreen restart is done by pressing and holding both the scroll wheel buttons of the steering wheel. Hold the buttons for around 10 seconds, until the Tesla Logo appears on the screen.
  • The next restart is the Screen and CPU Reboot. Note: All reboots are to be done while the car has been parked. Press the brake pedal and simultaneously hold the scroll wheel for 10 seconds until you see the screen turn off. Tesla's logo should then appear to signify the reboot.
  • Rebooting your devices is important if you want to do an update, or connect to a cell or router.
  • You can also try a vehicle hard reset. This will return the Tesla to factory default settings. Locate the 12-volt battery under the hood. Then, remove the protective covering to detach the cable from the terminal. Reattach the power cable to the battery terminal after a few seconds. Rebooting should only be done as a last resort.

We will discuss what to do next after you have completed this checklist.

A Software Update Doesn't Make a Difference

Many updates are firmware or "under the hood" coding updates. Updates are often firmware updates or updates to the "code underneath" of the device. Bug patches and code changes can be small and not affect the user interface. Please do not panic, it does not mean the update didn't work.

Some changes may affect the menus or icons displayed on the screen. It may take some time to adjust to these changes after you restart the car.

This may cause connectivity issues, even if there was none before. In this case you will need to start at step 1. Do not worry. The same steps will be followed before and after the update.

Maintaining Connection

Model 3s that have received the most recent software updates do not stay connected to WiFi networks when parked or left the car. Tesla claims that this is to reduce power consumption.

As a result, once the door is opened, your Model 3 will reconnect to the WiFi network at home (or any other network available for free) only after you have opened the door. It means that your car will not be searching, downloading, and installing new updates when you are away. It will take the vehicle longer to install and download rolling updates if the car is left for several days.


Your Model 3 could have a WiFi problem after you've tried all the previous steps. Contact Tesla Support, and they will likely schedule an appointment with a Tesla technician to look at the problem.

You should find a solution to your connectivity issues with little difficulty. With the Tesla Support as well as the online communities available, you have a variety of options. This issue should be resolved in no time.

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