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When you have to clean the interior of your Tesla, you might not be sure where to start. I have put together a simple guide on how to clean a Tesla's inside. It is important to follow a set of steps to ensure that you do not waste time cleaning your Tesla.

How do you clean your Tesla? After removing any loose items like empty cups or business cards, clean the dashboard. Once you find your rhythm, this step-bystep guide will come easy to you.

Teslas are likely to have features that require extra cleaning care. Included in this list are the large display on the dashboard's center, the Alcantara dashboard material, and the synthetic-leather seats if that is what you selected. The answer to your question is detailed.

A Step-by step guide to cleaning a Tesla’s interior

Recommended Cleaning Order of Car Sections

  1. Cupholders, the side door panels and the console on center, are all available.
  2. Dashboard
  3. Center Display Screen Touchscreen
  4. Carpets
  5. Seats
  6. Rear Cargo Space as well as Front Cargo Space

Center Console Side Doors

Before cleaning the upholstery you should clean the center console as well as the insides of cup holders and the storage containers at the sides. In this way, you'll avoid introducing dust or grime to the upholstery after cleaning it.

1. First, vacuum up the entire area.
  • The vacuum attachment should not have any burrs of nicks. This can scratch surfaces like plastic.
  • It would be best to choose a soft-bristled vacuum attachment.
  • Initially, you may only vacuum a few times. However, after cleaning all of the other surfaces you should vacuum one last time to remove any remaining dirt or dust.

2. After that, wipe everything with an all purpose cleaner

3. Avoid applying the cleaner straight to the plastic. Rather, use a cloth made of microfiber.

4. Avoid using the all purpose cleaner on large areas at once. Avoid applying large amounts of all-purpose cleaner at once.

5. Start at the top and work your way down.

6. Provides a more detailed explanation of the steps.


After cleaning the console, the dashboard is next. Tesla dashboards can be made from plastic or Alcantara. Alcantara needs special attention to clean.

1. Use a vacuum attachment with a soft bristle on the hose. Examples of the type of bush that you want are available. This is what you should do:

1.1. Vacuum up the entire dashboard. Remove any dust that might have accumulated.

2. Now is the time to wipe down and disinfect your dashboard. Tesla Models typically come with plastic dashboards, but there's always the option of Alcantra synthetic textile.

2.1. The dashboard surface may be plastic.You will need to dampen a microfiber rag with a mild detergent solution, and then rub the top of it.

2.2. Alcantra surfaces are used in dashboards. If you want to avoid stains, pay attention to the dash material.

  1. Spray fabric cleaner onto a soft bristled brush. It should be similar to the ones which are used in auto detailing
  2. Spray a very small amount of fabric cleanser onto the area you plan to clean.
  3. After the fabric cleaner has dried, you can dab gently the surface using a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  4. By pressing too hard you will cause dust and dirt to be ground into the material
  5. This video by a professional detailing autos explains the whole process in more detail.


Use soft microfiber cloths or chemicals that aren't too harsh to clean up the Tesla touchscreen. It is best to avoid tap water due to the minerals it contains. Microfiber towels and distilled water (or isopropyl) are needed.

1. First, check that your Tesla display is in the "Cleaning" mode. This can be done by:

  • You can find the Tesla car icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • To access the various settings, touch the icon with "Controls".
  • Select "Displays", located at the upper left corner of your screen
  • There are now more options available for your screen. You will see more options if you choose the second choice from the top. The option below where it says Auto-Brightness, will display the various display mode.
  • By selecting "Clean Mod" you will lock the display.

2. If your car is new, it should come with a small microfiber towel. The only other option is to use a microfiber cleaning cloth. This is what you should do: 

  • Spray the liquids, not the screen if you wish to remove smudges.

3. The button with the words "Finished" will appear in the middle. "Press the Exit Now button."

  • It will take you to the Display Settings Screen where you can exit and return to the main display.

Floor Mats

After removing the mats, you will want to clean the car outside. The mats should be vacuumed, then cleaned with a mild cleaning solution.

You may want to try a Multi Surface Cleaner like this one, if your stains are more stubborn. It is best to dilute the multi-surface cleaner in a ratio of three or four parts water per part cleaner, and pour the diluted solution inside a spray container.

  • Rinse your mat first with water
  • Spray your diluted solution onto your mat.
  • You can clean your mat using a brush found here .
  • Rub the rug quickly by alternating between up and downwards and then from side-to-side.
  • Rinse and let the mat air-dry
  • This site contains a detailed video on how to clean mats and make the look brand-new.


While you're waiting for the floormats to dry out, you could clean the car's carpet. You'll need both a vacuum and carpet/upholstery detergent if there are stains. Also, you will need a soft microfiber cloth.
  • The first thing you should do is vacuum the carpet.
  • You will need to use a carpet/upholster shampoo for stains. here Directions specific to each product, for example, recommends mixing 20 parts water in 1 part carpet-cleaning fluid.
  • When you are ready to clean your carpet, spray the cleaning solution liberally.
  • The instructions will be on the bottle that contains the cleaning liquid. They will tell you for how long it is best to let the carpet cleanser soak in.
  • Brush the rug with a stiff Nylon brush in circular motions.
  • Do not rub too hard or you will grind dirt into the carpet.
  • Continue vacuuming to remove any remaining dirt.

Perhaps you have heard about people who use household vinegar and diluted water. This method of cleaning carpets can be problematic because it uses a lot of liquid. This water could not dry and lead to mildew or mould forming under the carpet.


Tesla began to offer its customers a Synthetic Leather option starting in 2016. Synthetic leather upholstery is easy to clean, waterproof and does not require much effort. You will also require a Microfiber Cloth, as well as cleaning solution and an vacuum.

1. Use an duster to remove any loose dust and dirt that might have accumulated.

2. Follow up on dusting by using a vacuum Be sure to clean up any loose dust and dirt which has been loosened during the cleaning process

  • Recommends that you mix 1/2 cup warm water per 1/2 teaspoon detergent.
  • To use the solution, wet the cloth to a full saturation.
  • Avoid soaking your car seat in liquid by wringing out the towel until it becomes damp. Doing so can lead to discoloration.
  • Apply the solution to the car seat using a damp cloth and gently scrub it in circular motions.
  • Wipe dirty suds away with a clean, dampened cloth
  • Here has detailed instructions for how to handle specific spills.
In the case of persistent stains, an auto-carpet/upholstery cleaning shampoo may be required.
  • Chemical Guys recommends 20 parts water per 1 part carpet/upholstery cleaning fluid.
  • Add the solution to your spray bottle
  • Apply some solution straight to the stain. Then, apply more to a nylon broom.
  • Take a dry microfiber rag and wipe off any dust or dirt that has been extracted.

You will need to be extra careful if you own an older Tesla with leather interior.

This is because genuine leather requires more maintenance. is a link to a video containing tips for cleaning the interior leather of a Tesla.

  • You will also need to use a leather brush, such as the one shown below . You will also require a ponyhair brush to clean leather.
  • Spray your bush with leather cleaner. A little goes along way. Only two or even three sprays of the product are required.
  • Scrub small areas with alternate up and downward and side-to side motions
  • Wipe any excess solution away with a microfiber rag

You can now use the leather conditioner that will come with your leather cleaning kit.

  • Spray a few drops onto a microfiber rag. ( Apply the leather conditioner using an alternate motion of up and side, and then side.)


The Tesla Model S trunk is a big plastic container. The same as with other parts of the vehicle, dust and vacuum before applying any liquids.

The interior detailer found in this may help remove those stubborn stains.

  • To begin, apply a quarter sized drop directly to your area of interest. Never use more than one quarter sized spot.
  • Apply the cleaner with a small, soft bristled brush. Spread as much cleaner as you can over the area.
  • Scrub the spot so that the plastic under it is even.
  • Wipe away the moisture with a dry microfiber cloth
  • Here are the benefits of this technique.

The Tesla rear trunk or space for cargo will have either a rubber insert beneath the entry door of the trunk. If you clean out the interior, do not forget to check this rubber insert.

In this clip, an auto dealer shares how he cleans a trunk lip.

You can be used with a microfiber towel. The microfiber will absorb all the grime that gets dislodged.

  • Wrap a small brush for auto detailing or a toothbrush with a bristle size of less than 1 inch in microfiber towels.
  • Spray some all-purpose clean inside the rubber trunk rim
  • Squeeze back and forward the microfiber brush along the lip of your trunk.

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