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Tesla keeping its car customers in the dark? Tesla was able unlock more range in cars affected by California wildfires, have you heard? Elon Musk was able confirm this by himself. All it required was a simple update to the software. So why don't you do it for everyone else?

Tesla may be able give their cars more range because some models have been able get more mileage after the California wildfires. Tesla has a larger battery capacity than required by the software. This means that every Tesla could get more distance.

Why give Tesla's a larger, more powerful battery if it can't be used by the owner? It would be like having a computer with 3 gigabytes of storage and being only able to access 2. Tesla owners have asked why.

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Why Are They Waiting?

Why limit Tesla's battery range to 40 kWh when it is capable of more? Tesla reports show that Tesla S 40 battery has 60 kWh but is restricted to 40. Model S 60/70 battery are limited to 60 to 70kWh when they have 75 kWh.

Does it Really Come Down to Money?

So, what's the explanation for these differences? Tesla claims this was to enable them to offer their vehicles at lower prices when the TeslaS first appeared on the market. But after a specified period of use, owners of those vehicles were presented with the option of upgrading the vehicle to unlock that "extra" battery capacity.

Tesla was also able to "unlock", the extra battery juice for those in need during emergencies like the California wildfires, and Hurricane Michael. Why is it that this "extra" battery juice should only be provided to Tesla users who are facing a disaster? Why should you be denied the full potential of a Tesla if you have purchased one?

Never charge Your battery 100%

Elon Musk believes that the primary reason is that you shouldn’t expect to get full range, since you shouldn’t ever charge your batteries to 100%. Charging your Tesla to 100 percent will shorten the life of the batteries. The battery will degrade faster if you charge it at 100%.

Never charge Your battery 100%


Musk recommends charging your Tesla's battery between 90 and 95%. The feature of regenerative braking comes with these vehicles. It means that the technology will convert the energy you use to brake into electricity. You cannot use this function if your battery is at 100% charge.


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Is there still a hidden range for the extra-range?

Is it true that Tesla's battery can be extended by a longer range, if only the software is locked? No. Even if your battery has been charged to 100 percent, you can still use the additional range. It means your battery has never been charged 100% even if you see it as being so.

Is the Model S the only one affected?

Other models also suffer from battery shortages. Owners Tesla Model Y & SR models are being offered a range upgrade. For a fee.

If you have an older Tesla model, which does not offer the additional range, you would need to purchase a newer Tesla model.

Is the Model S the only one affected?

Tesla Opens Range for Some Areas

Tesla "unlocked", for the purpose of evacuation, additional range on the software limited vehicles in Florida. According to the reports it wasn't just the Tesla S.

Tesla has been under pressure since this information was made public to ensure that all vehicles purchased by customers have the full battery capacity. Musk announced that standard models of newer Teslas will come with the entire battery capacity. Tesla owners, however, are only able to use a limited amount of range unless they live near the California wildfires.


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Tesla is Still the Best

Tesla's range is the best among electric cars. Tesla models feature largest battery pack with highest capacity available in any electric car. The newer model went from a 265 mile EPA to a 315 mile EPA.

Tesla is better because its battery can be used 100%. Model Y & Model 3 were the newest 2021 models that offered 402 EPA miles. The rumor was that they would offer a power pack with a range of up to one million miles.

The Extra Boost can Degrade Your Batteries

But those who were able to get an "extra" boost on their battery found it deteriorated their battery much faster. In the event that your cells stop working there is no backup battery to rely upon, as would be the case if you were using only 70 kWh and not 75 kWh. But there's no reason to be concerned. Our tips will help you get more battery range.


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Tesla Battery: More Power for Your Money

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to extend the range of your Tesla. There are some simple tips that will help you to get more from each charge.

Some of the things which can affect the range that you get from your Tesla batteries include:

  • Uphill driving is a common occurrence
  • Driving under high wind conditions
  • Driving in the Rain or Snow
  • Driving too fast
  • Making many short trips
  • Stop and go driving

Do you need to stay at Home on Snow Days?

But you cannot stay home if there is a chance of rain or snow or even if the wind blows. Cold batteries drain battery power and reduce regenerative breaking. Some of the things you could do to extend your driving range in the cold are:

  • It is important to warm up the battery before driving.
  • Never use the heating on the highest temperature setting
  • Keep the car as connected as possible
  • The heater can be replaced by seat warmers.

Hint: To precondition your battery, use your Tesla app. Tap "climate", followed by "turn-on" to warm the battery.


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What else can you do to get better range?

In addition to the tips above, there are a few other things that you can do in order to maximize the performance of your Tesla. Drive efficiently and with intelligence. Follow these tips for extending the range:

  • Change air suspension at low or very Low
  • You can lighten the load of your car by cleaning out the trunk.
  • Avoid running your air conditioner on full speed
  • Heat can be hard on batteries
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Keep your window up on the highway when driving to reduce aerodynamic turbulence
  • Removing rear or roof racks is not necessary.


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Use the Energy app

Tesla offers an energy-saving app to help you maximize the range of your Tesla. The smart application can examine your driving behavior so that it can determine the best way to get the most range out of your Tesla. The app will already be on your vehicle's touchscreen, so no downloading is required. Technology is fantastic.


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