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Tesla Model 3 is an eco-friendly vehicle that also helps you save money. This car may not always connect to your phone. You may find that there are several issues behind this issue. By understanding these core issues, you can resolve the problem quickly.

Why can't your phone connect to your Tesla Model 3 vehicle? Your Model 3 car may not have detected the Tesla Smartphone App, which is the main reason why your smartphone cannot connect to your car.

There are 5 reasons why your phone is not connecting to your Tesla

  1. Tesla Smartphone app not running in the background
  2. Tesla Smartphone App Logged Out
  3. Tesla Smartphone App Settings Are Limited
  4. Tesla Smartphone App Must Be Redownloaded
  5. Tesla Car Needs to be Rebooted

In this article, you will discover the most common reasons why your Tesla Model 3 and your smartphone are not communicating. Moreover, we will show you how to solve these problems so that you can get back to driving the Tesla Model 3.

Having Issues with Cell Phone Signal in A Model 3 Tesla?

Tesla cars offer drivers a wide range of modern amenities. Due to their design, these cars can be susceptible to technology issues. Tesla Model 3 cars are plagued by the problem that the Tesla Smartphone App does not connect to the car. We'll look at a few of the possible causes.

1. Tesla Smartphone app not running in the background

If your Tesla Model 3 is not connecting with your phone, the Tesla Smartphone App on your phone has likely stopped running.

The problem is with the Tesla's smartphone and not the Tesla.

Just unlock your smartphone and launch the Tesla Smartphone App. In most cases, your phone will be instantly connected to your Tesla.

This is a quick and common solution to the problem.

2. Tesla Smartphone App Logged Out

Tesla Smartphone App logout is another issue that can cause Teslas not to be able to connect to their phones.

It is not a common occurrence, but can still be a quick fix.

Open the Tesla Smartphone App and sign in again. It should automatically reconnect your phone with your Tesla.

3. Tesla Smartphone App Settings Limited

If you are having trouble connecting your phone to your Tesla regularly, it may be necessary to change the settings in your Tesla Smartphone App.

You can do this by unlocking your smartphone and going to the general settings. Scroll down to the Tesla Smartphone App. Then, make sure that all toggles are on.

Tesla Smartphone App won't work properly if these features are turned off. You can fix your problem by turning on any settings that were turned off.

4. Tesla Smartphone App Must Be Redownloaded

You might need to delete the Tesla Smartphone App and download it again if the previous steps didn't work.

Most of the time, one of these solutions will resolve the problem. However, sometimes downloading and installing a new Tesla Smartphone app will also fix the problem.

Click the X, confirm that you would like to delete the application, then go back to the App Store and download the Tesla Smartphone App. Log in again.

5. Tesla Car Needs Reboot

If you still have problems connecting your Tesla to your phone, it might be time to reboot the Tesla itself.

It will take you only a few minutes to restart your Tesla, and no technical knowledge is required.

How To Reboot Your Model 3

  1. Put Tesla in Park
  2. Put your foot down on the brake pedal and hold it there
  3. Hold down both scroll wheels on the steeringwheel.
  4. Hold the button for up to 10 seconds and the screen will reboot.
  5. Hold your brake pedal. Eventually, the screens will reboot

When you restart your Tesla, all of the electronics are temporarily turned off. They will then be restarted. Your settings and information will not be lost.

What if You Can't Unlock Your Tesla

If you're using your smartphone to unlock your Tesla and don't have a backup card, what should you do when it doesn’t connect to your phone?

The frustration of trying to open your car's driver-side door and not being able to do so can be exasperating, but the fix is simple.

Usually, this happens because your Tesla phone cannot connect to your smartphone's Bluetooth signal or your Tesla Smartphone App is no longer running.

Take your phone and unlock it by pulling on the handle of the door. This is usually enough to solve the problem immediately.

If that doesn't help, you can try to open the Tesla Smartphone App whilst pulling the door handles.

The majority of the time this will fix the problem. If you still can't get inside, follow the steps above.

What's the Bottom Line?

Tesla Model 3 cars were designed to be affordable, yet give the driver the sensation of driving an ultra-modern James Bond car. But with more advanced technology come more problems.

Tesla Smartphone App can have issues connecting with the Tesla. It could be for any number of reasons. However, most often it is just a temporary fix.

This article will hopefully help you to discover the most frequent issues that are causing your Tesla to not be able to connect to your phone. The article will also explain how to resolve these problems quickly and easily.

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