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How to unlock your Tesla without a phone or keycard

After a night out with friends, when everyone is ready to leave and you're the last one standing, you suddenly remember that you haven't charged your phone since last night. You use your phone's app to unlock your vehicle. It's a model without a remote. What are your options?

If you lock yourself out of your Tesla without a mobile phone or keycard, you have three options:

  1. Log in to your Tesla App using someone else's phone
  2. Call Tesla Roadside Assistance 877-798-3375
  3. You can use a backup phone charger

You don't need to panic if you are locked out of your Tesla and do not have a smartphone, key card, or other means of entry. Here are 3 ways to quickly get into your Tesla.

Unlocking Tesla without your phone or key card

If you can't get into your Tesla because you don't own your Tesla keycard, you will need to use your phone. Here's how to fix it:

1. Borrow a Smartphone

  1. Download the Tesla Smartphone App onto a friend’s phone
  2. Log in using your username and password
  3. Click "Controls".
  4. Click "Start"

It will start your Tesla remotely and unlock its doors for two minutes. The doors will be locked again after 2 minutes as a precaution.

You can drive your Tesla until you get out of it. The Tesla does not require you to carry the friend's mobile phone while driving.

This is a temporary solution, as your friend can now access your Tesla. After using this method it is recommended that you change your Tesla's password.

2. Call Tesla Roadside Assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 for all Teslas at 877-798-3375.

This service will be provided to you at no cost during the period of your Tesla warranty. Tesla Warranty Duration

  • New Tesla: 4 Years or 50 000 miles
  • Used Tesla: 4 Years or 50,000 Miles remaining, plus an additional year or 10,000 miles from the date of purchase.

You can remotely start and unlock your car after you go through the verification process.

Tesla Roadside Assistance is also available through your Tesla Smartphone app if you require it in the future.

Tesla Roadside Assistance cover:

  • Lockouts
  • Flat Tires
  • Towing
  • Battery Has Run Out Of Charge

3. You can use a backup phone charger

Small portable phone chargers are becoming more popular. It's a good thing if one of your friends has a portable charger. You can also check your local shops to see if they have any chargers.

You can turn on your phone and use the Tesla Smartphone App by plugging it in for just a few minutes. Use "remote-start" and enter in less than 2 minutes. Or, simply enter the Tesla by walking up.

The Tesla will be ready for you to drive away.

You can charge your phone by plugging it into the Tesla phone charging ports.

Do not panic if your Tesla does not have a cable to charge. Tesla will allow you to continue driving even if the battery on your phone dies in mid-drive.

The Tesla will not lock if the battery of your phone dies during driving. This is because the Bluetooth has been disconnected. When you park your Tesla, keep this in mind!

How Key less entry works on a Tesla under normal circumstances

In normal circumstances, you can lock and unlock the Tesla using 3 different methods:

1. Tesla Key Card

The same as the keys in hotel rooms. Simply tap your keycard on the frame of your driver's-door window to unlock the door.

You should always keep your Tesla card in your wallet, or purse, along with your other belongings. The backup card could save you.

A new concept on the market is wedding rings with an embedded Tesla NFC card that you can use as a second keycard. The only thing you need to do is set them up once. It's hard to find reviews beyond Amazon, but the ones that are available seem to be very positive.

2. Tesla Smartphone App

Your car's Bluetooth capability will allow you to connect with your Tesla through your smartphone. This will require you to first complete the 3-step procedure:

Tesla Smartphone App can be downloaded from the app store of your smartphone

Sign in with your Tesla Account using your username and your password

You can use your Tesla keycard in order to add your phone as a key on your car's touchscreen.

3. Tesla Key Fob

Tesla key fobs are available if you prefer a more traditional key. It looks like a small Tesla and works in the same manner as other key fobs.


This article should help you get back in your Tesla and safely home. If you have a dead phone battery, it may be worth buying a cheap charger that has a charger cable built-in. This will allow you to "save your self" if you ever get locked out with the Tesla.

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