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The worst thing that can happen is to suddenly get a flat while driving. Tesla vehicles, as you may have noticed, do not include a spare tire. What will you do when your car breaks down on the roadside?

  • Call Tesla Roadside Assistance by dialing 877-798-3375
  • Use Tesla Smartphone App for Tesla Roadside Assistance
  • Use a Tire Repair Kit is a Temporary Fix

Tesla Roadside Assistance for Tesla Owners is available 24/7, and it is free during the vehicle warranty.

Tesla Vehicle Warranty Period:

  • New Tesla Model: Four years or 50,000 miles
  • Used Tesla. Remainders of 4 years or 50,000 mile or additional 1 year or 10, 000 miles from date of purchase.

Tesla Roadside Service Covers:

  • Flat Tire
  • Towing
  • Lockout
  • Charged

The truth is, while it might seem ridiculous that car manufacturers don't provide a spare tire anymore, they aren't really needed. But in an emergency, having a backup plan is crucial.

Tire Repair with Tesla Flat Tire

The tires used on Teslas were designed with safety, durability and dependability in mind. The tires are susceptible to degrading over time for various reasons, regardless of how they're built. There are many factors that can cause a tire to go flat, such as high loads or temperatures, or environmental conditions.

When you get stuck along the side the road, you have a few options. The frustration can be overwhelming, but with the right steps you'll soon be back in the car!

Below you'll find three popular ways to deal with a Tesla flat tire.

Roadside Assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance has been a great benefit for Tesla owners. Customers can use this service 24/7, 365, days per year as long as their warranty is still valid. Call them on 877-798-352, or use the Tesla Smartphone App.

When you call the Roadside Assistance, you'll need to provide certain information.

  • Nature of the Issue
  • The Vehicle Location
  • Vehicle Identification Number [VIN]

The VIN is not required if you use the Tesla Smartphone Application to contact Roadside Assistance.

If you do not know the location of your VIN you can look it up in your Tesla App or on the upper dash on the driver’s side. If neither option works, the VIN may be located by touching your car's screen at the top and pressing the Tesla 'T.'

Once you provide the Roadside Assistance with all the required information, they will proceed to take action.

DIY Tire Repair Kit

Tire repair kits are great for the DIYer. It's possible to buy a tire repair kit in a small size that can be kept in your car.

In an emergency you can use Repair-A Flat. One can can be purchased and kept in the car.

Fix-A-Flat is a quick fix for temporary problems:

  1. Position your puncture at the bottom 6 o'clock position by moving the car slightly
  2. Shake car vigorously for thirty seconds
  3. Remove wheel cap
  4. Press the nozzle into the tire inflation valve
  5. Hold the can upright and press the yellow button until the sealant stops flowing.
  6. Make certain the rim is raised off of the ground (if it's not, add tire pressurized)
  7. Go to nearest Tesla Service Center, or Tire Shop

This is only meant to be temporary to get to somewhere you can purchase an alternate tire.

It can save your life if you use a 12-volt air compressor to increase tire pressure when following steps 6 and 7.

If the Fix-A-Flat fails to work because the puncture size is too big, contact Tesla Roadside Assistance.

Replacement tires are not covered by the vehicle warranty.

Roadside assistance policy

Roadside Assistance is provided to you when you buy a Tesla for the initial 4 years or first 50,000 km of ownership.

Roadside Assistance offers more than a simple flat tire. Other services covered include


Breakdowns happen. Transportation services are provided if you cannot drive your vehicle up to a distance of 500 miles.


Even though it is inconvenient to be locked out of a car, it does happen. Roadside Assistance will also help you if, for some reason, your app or car fob malfunctions. If you have a warranty, the roadside professional is able to unlock your vehicle's door so you can open it manually.

Out of Charge

Roadside Assistance may also be of assistance if you're unable to reach a charging point or if the battery power is low. This assistance may also be helpful if your vehicle is left unplugged too much. You should note that the service is charged.

Teslas Tires that Run Flat?

Tesla's are not equipped with run-flat tire. The inconvenience may not be as bad as it seems.

What is Run Flat Tire?

Run-flat tires are zero-pressure tires that have the capability to support your car for a limited time. It is estimated that a run-flat will last 100 miles on average from the moment you notice a flat tire until you need to visit a mechanic. It is possible that this could be useful in certain situations. But there are also trade-offs.

Cons of Run-flat Tires

Although you may think run-flat tires will come in handy, you still have plenty of other options if you ever find yourself with a flat Tesla tire. The downsides of a run flat tire are greater than its benefits. Some of the cons are

  • It is costly to replace
  • Harsh Rider
  • Stiffer Construction
  • Reduced Treadwear
  • Blowouts Still Possible
  • No Spare

How To Avoid A Flat Tire?

It is not possible to avoid a puncture, but by maintaining the tires on your Tesla you can minimize its occurrence. It is best to maintain, check, and adjust your Tesla tire as necessary.

Maintaining Tire Pressure

If you want to ensure the longevity of your Tesla tire, make sure that you maintain it at the right tire pressure.

The tire and load information can be found on the center of the door pillar. When the driver's window is open, you can see this information on a Tesla. When you know your numbers, ensure that you keep the tires at the pressures specified on the label.

Checking/Adjusting Tire Pressure

How you can check the tire pressure of a Tesla.

  1. Tesla Touchscreen - Click on the Car Icon
  2. Click "Service".
  3. Each tire's pressure should be checked

Adjusting tire pressure in a Tesla:

  1. Remove tire valve cap
  2. The tire valve should be tightened by tightly twisting the compressor nozzle.
  3. Inflate tires to desired tire pressure
  4. Remove compressor nozzles and tire valves
  5. Replace the tire valve cap

Tesla Car Maintenance Advice

If you want to keep your Tesla running smoothly, then it's important that you follow Tesla's recommended maintenance.

Tesla vehicles are not required to have an oil change. However, you may want to remember that they do require some maintenance.

Tire Rotation, Wheel Alignment

Tesla recommends that your tires be checked every 10,000-12,000 mile intervals. Tesla will then check if there is any need for balancing your vehicle, rotating it, or aligning it. If your tires appear to be misaligned or out of balance, it could reduce the life of the tire, resulting in a flat.

Brake Fluid

Every two years, you should check your brake liquid. Tesla will then be able check for any contamination in the fluid and replace as necessary.

Cabin Air Cleaner

We have a Cabin Air Filter, and then we have an EPA filter. Tesla's cabin air filter is designed to stop particles like road dust or pollen entering your car. You should replace your HEPA and cabin air filters every two to three years.

Air Conditioning

Often, when people consider servicing their vehicle, they forget about the air conditioning. Service your air conditioning to improve its performance and life. Model S can be serviced twice a year, Model X once a year, and Model 3 once a six-year period.

Winter Care

Tesla offers some simple winter care tips for your Tesla. If you reside in a more cold-weathered region, it is important to clean and oil your brake pads. This is usually done every 12,500 kilometres or 12 months depending on the first.


It is vital that you maintain the health of your tires to ensure safety on roads. Be sure to monitor the condition of your tires in order to maintain your own safety and that your vehicle's. By protecting and caring for your tires, you can prolong their lifespan, saving time to fix a flat and money to replace it.

Always remember that you will never get stranded. If your Tesla has a punctured tire, there are a few options. You can fix it yourself or you can call Roadside Assistance.

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