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Tesla Guide: How to fix a Tesla that won't charge?

The worst nightmare for electric car owners. It's the worst nightmare for any electric car owner. You arrive at the supercharging facility to find that your vehicle has not been charged as it should have. You could find yourself in a tight spot depending on how much charge is left.

What should you do if the Tesla charger is not working? There are a few steps you can follow to resolve the issue:

  • Check to see if your car's charging system is the problem.
  • Restart your Tesla
  • Contact Tesla's technical support for assistance if your battery system is faulty.

This can be very frustrating, but in most cases it is very easy to resolve. Learn more about Tesla's charging issues, and what to do if you find that your Tesla isn't charging.

Check Your Tesla's Chargers 

The first thing that comes to mind when an owner is charging a Tesla at a supercharger and then discovers the Tesla hasn't charged properly after returning to the vehicle is to blame it. It is only natural to blame the car when fuel-driven vehicles are involved.

Tesla charging stations are known to malfunction. If you suspect that your car is the culprit, check the charger. It's not necessary to panic if the Tesla charging system works fine.

When a Tesla charger malfunctions, you should check these things:

  1. If the Tesla is not charging, try a different station.
  2. Check your high-powered wall charger (HPWC). Try a different charging station if the HPWC isn't charging your Tesla. It may be the HPWC and not your car's battery that is bad.
  3. You can check the date that your Tesla was manufactured and your screen. Unfortunately older Tesla models may have flash memory problems which prevent the car from charging if the screen is damaged. If you suspect that your Tesla may be affected, contact Tesla's Technical Support to find out what can be done.
  4. Check out your Tesla app. If your Tesla's charge process is interrupted in the middle, you will receive a notification. The outages may be caused by a wide range of things, such as minor brownouts or other electrical fluctuations. If this is the situation, opening Tesla's App and clearing the message will restore charging functionality.

Rebooting Your Tesla

Rebooting the Tesla is another option for fixing a vehicle that does not charge properly. Rebooting the Tesla can fix some problems where the MCU (a component that is digitally controlled in the car) malfunctions.

How Do I Restart My Tesla?

  1. Put your Tesla in Park
  2. Put your foot down on the brake pedal and hold it there
  3. Now hold down both scroll wheels on the steering column
  4. Hold down the center screen for a maximum of 10 seconds to reboot
  5. Hold your brake pedal. Eventually, the screen will reboot.

If this does not fix the problem, it could mean that the problem is more complex than a simple quick-fix.

Teslas are digital vehicles. This means that small glitches or malfunctions in digital technology are quite common, particularly with modern technology so advanced as a Tesla. Tesla will help you if the issue is not resolved by a simple digital reboot.

Call Tesla's technical support

Contacting Tesla's Technical Support is your next option if you are unable to fix your Tesla or have not yet determined the root cause. Call 1-888-518-372 to reach the technical support team.

Tesla Support is also available via the Tesla Mobile App. You can typically schedule an appointment with a mobile tech at your preferred location (home, workplace, etc.). ).

Tesla's Technical Support can offer you other services in the event that your vehicle does not charge correctly.

  • Mobile support. Tesla can send service technicians to your house to inspect the vehicle. The mobile service technician can usually diagnose and repair charging problems.
  • Remote data checking. Tesla’s technical support is able to perform a remote check of your vehicle's data while you are on the telephone. When you connect to the Tesla online technicians, they can diagnose the problem with your onboard charger without needing any further troubleshooting.
  • Online repair. Tesla Technical Support can fix some issues with digital systems in the car (including the charging system), through a forceful remote update.

Tesla Repair and Installation Facilities

If you live outside of an area that offers Tesla mobile service, or if the problem is too complex to be resolved by a technician on the road, it may be necessary to have the Tesla serviced in a Tesla service center.

Tesla will tell you if it needs to bring your car to a repair shop or not in response to the question that you ask on your phone or via your mobile app. Even if your vehicle does need to be taken in for service, it's still not the end.

To schedule an appointment simply bring the vehicle in. Typically, the service appointment is done on the same day that the vehicle was brought in.

Tesla Charging problems are not the end of the World

Tesla's customers are made to feel as comfortable as possible when they run into charging issues with their Tesla. Your Tesla will soon be back to its normal self. When your Tesla starts charging, keep the battery charged.

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