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Tesla vehicles that are parked but not charged gradually lose their battery power. This phenomenon, known as "vampire drain" or "vampire battery drainage", is the cause. Tesla vehicles tend to lose battery power when they are parked. This is known as 'vampire drain' or 'vampire battery drain.

What causes the vampire drain? What causes this drain and is there a way to minimize it. You'll find everything you need to understand about Tesla vehicles that lose power when parked.


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Why Does a Tesla lose it's power when it's parked?

Teslas do not completely shut down, even if they are parked. A number of systems are running continuously, such as those that monitor the vehicle's batteries and those that prepare the vehicle to open when you get close.

Tesla owners are not likely to notice the charge loss that occurs when a Tesla vehicle is parked. This is especially true if their Teslas are being charged overnight.

You won't really notice that your vehicle has lost power until after you've been away from it for two days. You wouldn't do this often, but in some situations, you may.

You may find that your vehicle is completely drained after you return it. This depends on what settings and charge level you left behind when you parked.

This problem has become apparent more in recent years because of the introduction of Tesla features such as the sentry mode and an increase in third-party apps that may keep your car awake when it should sleep.

sentry mode can be activated by some Tesla owners when the vehicle is parked. This feature drains the battery the most during this time. This feature could use as much as 300 Watts.

It is possible to use third-party software that does the same thing as the sentry mode. (Recording videos for security) but using less battery.

Avoid using most third party applications if you leave your Tesla parked long-term.

You don't have to worry about every app draining a lot of battery power, but there are many that will.

Teslafi is a good example of an application from a third party that consumes a lot of battery power. Teslafi does not receive any support or maintenance. Its goal is to provide summaries and check the status of your vehicle regardless of if it's parked or active, draining the battery.

Avoid using Cabin Temperature Protection in the climate control settings for your cabin. It causes the vehicle's engine to consume a lot more power in order to keep the interior temperature of the cabin at 105°F or lower. You do not have to leave this feature on when you leave the vehicle unless it is parked in a climate that is extremely hot, or directly in sunlight.

Smart Summon deserves a mention. Smart Summon Mode is activated and will not allow your Tesla to go to sleep. Smart Summon mode is not an essential feature. However, it's important to make sure you turn off Smart Summon if your Tesla will be parked for longer than a couple of days.

You should always turn off all the functions you don't need when leaving your Tesla in a parking lot and without a charge for longer than two days.


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How You Can Save Power When Your Tesla is Parked

To avoid losing power in your Tesla while it's parked, you can simply leave it plugged into a wall overnight. It's more likely that you'll be able to drive home safely if your car is fully charged.

It's obvious that if there is a valet at the airport who will charge your Tesla while you are away, it's a great option. This is a great option when there are few charging stations available at the airport.

Are all electric cars powerless when parked?

Tesla vehicles aren't the only ones affected by vampire drain. Many electric vehicles run functions in the background when they are parked. It is unlikely that you would be able to park your electric car without these functions running.

In general, both Tesla vehicles as well as electric cars should have at least 80% power when leaving them for a prolonged period.

Tesla owners are sometimes tempted to let their batteries run too low when they know they will be able quickly recharge their vehicle at a supercharger. Although this is true your Tesla will still need to be charged sufficiently to actually allow you to go to the supercharger.


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Conclusion: Does Tesla Lose Parked Charge?

Like most electric vehicles, Teslas do lose power slowly when parked. The reason for this is that there are a number of functions which are constantly running, even if the car isn't in your sight.

You can minimize the vampire drain by turning off Sentry Mode as well Cabin Heat Protection and Smart Summon Mode. Avoid using any unnecessary third party applications on your phone.

Make sure your battery has at least 80 percent charge when you leave your car.


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