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The Tesla's Door Won't Open? And How to Fix it?

Tesla can do almost anything. The door handles will also open themselves when you are close enough. There are many moving parts in a Tesla that allow the door to automatically open. This leaves a lot of room to malfunction and for tiny pieces to be broken. For these actions to happen, each of these tiny moving parts must be functioning perfectly.

Why won't your Tesla door won't open? What should you do? It is possible that your Tesla does not detect your smartphone or key within Bluetooth range. Try the following to fix it:

  • Hold the door handle down for 5 seconds ( models S and X )
  • Pull the door handle and hold it for 5 seconds ( models 3 and Y )
  • Check that the keyfob is within range
  • Make Sure your Smartphone is within range
  • Close and open your Tesla app
  • Turn off and on your smartphone Bluetooth

You're stuck outside your car, unable to open the door. Continue reading to learn why this happens and what you can to do get in your car while waiting for an opening at the shop.

Why the Tesla Door Handle Will Not Open?

When you walk up to your Tesla with a key fob, smartphone, or other device in hand, the handles should be raised, or "presented" in Tesla-speak. The handles will slowly move away from your car when they present. They were previously flush against the door.

Many Tesla drivers have reported that the door handles sometimes don't appear, leaving them outside their car with no handle to grab to enter the vehicle.

How the Door Handle of a Tesla Work?

It's important to understand how the Tesla door handle functions before we go into detail. It's many parts working together in such a small area.

You can get a better idea of what happens when the magical door handles appear by watching How A Tesla Door Handle Work.

Software Issue

It's not unusual for something to go wrong with a Tesla due to the amount of technology. Teslas are becoming more popular and their service departments have never been busier. Some drivers have reported that they can wait up to three months for an appointment to get repairs done.

Don't get too depressed if the problem is software. You may be able wait until an appointment if the broken handle is not on the driver's side.

You may need to find a quicker fix if the handle on the driver's door is malfunctioning.

You'll be asked a few simple questions when you contact the Tesla service department. They may need to reset your car if they find out that the problem is a software issue. It's not too difficult if you know where the parts are and can follow instructions well.

Broken Motor Within the Door Handle

Tesla door handles can be very complex. There are so many moving pieces in such a small space. The broken part is the cause of your door handle not presenting.

The Tesla door handle has a small motor and gears which move the handle from its pocket. This allows it to be opened. The handle may not be working if the motor or gears are moving but the handle is not. If your door won't open, here are some of the most common parts to replace:

  • Wires that are torn or deteriorated.
  • Dilapidated or worn out gear.
  • The motor component has failed.

What can you do if your Tesla door won't open?

There are several options available when it comes time to repair the door handle. You'll have a repaired door handle, no matter which route you take. As with everything, you will have to choose based on your observations of what's happening with your Tesla.

1. Tesla Service Department

Tesla Repair Appointments are not always readily available, as we have previously discussed. Unfortunately, your Tesla is not eligible for urgent care. Yet. If you have tried these simple solutions, but the door handle is still not opening, , you will need to schedule an appointment with someone who can correct the problem.

2. Tesla Mobile Service

But don't get disheartened yet! You have another option. This option is dependent on availability and location. However, it's still possible for Tesla to send out someone to repair your handle.

This is another service that's not available to all Tesla owners. The availability of the service is dependent on whether or not there are parts available. You'll have to wait for your appointment if Tesla does not offer this service or if the parts need to be ordered.

3. The Quick Fix for Getting You into Your Tesla

You might have made an appointment and the handle on the driver's side is faulty. If so, you may be looking for some quick fixes that will get you into and out of your car. You're in luck because I have a quick fix for you. You'll need:

  • These must be plastic cards only.
  • If you accidentally touch your car's paint, the athletic tape won't leave any marks.
  • Patience.


  1. Put one card gently under the handle.
  2. Place the second card from the top under the handle.
  3. Apply pressure to the edge of the card that isn't underneath the handle.
  4. The handle can be opened by using the cards as leverage.
  5. Credit cards can be carefully extended out of their pocket by gently extending the handle.
  6. You can now use the handle.
  7. Keep the top card behind the handle so that it cannot be put back in its pocket.
  8. Tape the back of the cards with the end of the tape. Pull out 6 to 8 inches.
  9. You want to bend the tape in half so you can push it against the card.
  10. You can press the tape on itself just like you would a luggage tag that you attach to your suitcase. This is important to ensure that the tape matches perfectly with itself so no sticky residue is exposed.
  11. Push the excess against the card. The card should still be wedged behind its handle. However, the strap will now be stuck on both the front as well as the back.
  12. Slowly and carefully, pull the card through while holding the tape strap. Pull the tape towards you while pulling the end of the strap.
  13. Remove the card when it is no longer in your handle. While you are still holding the strap, push the tape ends together.
  14. The tape should now be left in a loop that you can pull to open the door handle. This should work until you get to the Tesla repair shop.


You may have been able to fix the door handles on your Tesla using one of these tricks. If none of the tips above worked, you may want to contact Tesla Support and have a technician look at your door handles.

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