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Tesla Guides: Can you buy a Tesla with no garage?

Tesla is the best-known electric vehicle on the marketplace. Model 3s have become more affordable and you may now be considering purchasing one. You need to understand how you'll charge your Tesla.

Can you buy a Tesla if you don't have a garage or a carport? Yes, you can get a Tesla without having a garage. If your Tesla is parked outdoors, you can easily plug it in at home. You can charge your Tesla if it is parked outside and you have an outlet that you can reach with an extension cord. Superchargers are also available for charging your Tesla whenever you need them.

Tesla models range from low-200 miles to mid-300 on each charge. Tesla drivers may only be required to charge the Tesla every week if they commute an average of 30 miles each day. It is easiest to charge a Tesla over night while you are asleep, but that doesn't mean a Tesla owner or charger needs a garage. You only need a strategy.

How to Charge your Tesla?

You can charge a Tesla in several different ways. The time required to recharge the Tesla battery will depend on how you charge it. Pick a method of charging that is convenient for you so that you are not stressed about maintaining your Tesla.

Charging Your Tesla at Home

No garage is needed to charge a Tesla at home. A standard wall outlet is all you need. A Level 2 wall-charger may be installed in your house even without a separate garage.

  • Level 1 Charging - The most popular way to recharge a Tesla is using a standard outlet (120v), or "Level 1Charging". Tesla offers a free charging cable to plug into any standard wall outlet with each new Tesla. Only downside is it can only provide 3-5 mile of charge per an hour. While this is a convenient option, it may not be the best choice for people who have long commutes and busy schedules.
  • Level 2 Charging - You may install an upgraded wall outlet at your home (240v). The "Level 2 Charger" charges at a speed of 30-40 mph. These outlets can be installed by a professional for $400. They can either be inside the garage or mounted on an exterior wall.

Installing a charging station outdoors is not only possible, but it can also be used in any weather.

Charging Your Tesla in Public

Although charging your Tesla in the night is convenient, this is not your only option for keeping it charged. More places are available to charge your electric vehicle as the vehicles become more popular.

  • Charging Stations at Work - Many workplaces offer charging stations to employees. These are normally Level 2 Chargers. So you can expect an increase of 30-40 mph. If you charge your Tesla when you are at the office, you won't need to charge it again once you arrive home.
  • While You Run Errands - Most supermarkets, malls, and other stores now offer at least one or even two complimentary charging stations. Charge your car at the same time as you go grocery shopping. They are Level 2 Chargers and can be used at speeds of 30-40 miles per hours.
  • Tesla Superchargers - Tesla's fast charging station, known as Superchargers is located all over the United States. It can fully charge your Tesla within one hour! These "Level 3 Chargers", which are 440v, can charge your Tesla in under an hour! These chargers are capable of 300-1000 mile per hour. The charging stations are located near many homes, so you can easily pop in and charge when you need it. Locator map Tesla has a list of superchargers.

How Often Should you Charge your Tesla?

Some people believe that keeping a Tesla fully charged is the best choice. But be careful: Tesla says it's best to only charge the Tesla up to 70-90 % daily.

If you're worried about not having enough charge on your Tesla, you can always keep it plugged in, but make sure you set the maximum charging so you don’t overcharge. If you've set a maximum charge for your Tesla, the charging will stop once it reaches that level.

An 80% battery charge can still provide 250-300 kilometers of range for the majority of Tesla models. I can personally confirm this is sufficient for daily usage.

Although you can charge your Tesla in any electric vehicle charging station, (you may need an Adapter), there are certain differences to be considered between a Tesla Charging Station and other stations.

  • Tesla's supercharger stations can charge cars in less than one hour. The cost of this option (about 15 dollars per full charge) is higher, but it's worth the money for the convenience.
  • Tesla's destination chargers are also installed in hotels and other businesses around the world. They are Level 2 charging stations and they are completely free.
  • The Tesla app can be used to locate charging stations. Tesla navigation will show you suggested charging stations (if required) along your planned itinerary.


Tesla is still possible to own without a car garage. A garage is nice, but just like with gasoline powered cars, it's not necessary for owning or operating your vehicle.

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