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Can you negotiate the price of a Tesla car?

Haggling is a common part of buying a car. Preparing for a visit to the dealer can be like shadowboxing prior to a fight. But buying a Tesla car is not much different.

Can you negotiate with Tesla? Tesla does not provide discounts or negotiate. Tesla vehicles are sold direct to consumers, so there is no dealer markup added to the prices. There are still some savings to be had when buying showroom models or demo vehicles.

Tesla's model is unique, and Teslas are highly sought after, so it's not possible to walk into a Tesla dealership expecting the salespersons to accommodate you. You can look out for deals, compare trade-in prices and do some research to get the best deal.

Tesla Negotiations

Tesla listened to feedback from customers who said that the traditional car dealership's negotiation process was not fun. They removed the entire negotiation process.

In typical car dealerships the dealer purchases the cars directly from the manufacturer and then adds an additional 2-15% to the sale price. The dealer will still be able to make money even if a customer negotiates thousands off the original price.

Tesla has decided to remove the 2-15% markup from dealers and sell vehicles directly to consumers at their original price. It's a win for the dealer as well as the consumer. Tesla will spend less time negotiating with the customer and we, the consumer, get the best possible price without needing to use our negotiation skills.

How to save money on a Tesla?

There are ways to save money on a Tesla even though you cannot negotiate the price.

  1. Look out for Demonstrations and Showroom Models. Tesla rotates cars that are used for test-drives and display at the end each quarter. If you time it right, you may be able to receive a small discount on your vehicle.
  2. Buy Used Tesla. Buying used Teslas through a third-party (another dealership or private seller), will generally allow you to negotiate the price. The Tesla Website does allow you to buy used Teslas, but the prices are not negotiable.

Get the best deal on your trade-in

You'll want to negotiate the best possible price for your vehicle when you sell or trade in it.

  • Knowing the value of your vehicle is the first step in selling it. The Kelly Blue Book is a reliable resource. Knowing the value of your car is essential to knowing what you can ask for.
  • Next, you need to make sure that your car is attractive to potential buyers. It is important to make sure that your car (interior, exterior, and under the hood), and all repairs, are done. Make sure your car makes a great first impression.
  • It's also important to decide if you want to trade or sell your car. You'll probably make the most money if you sell it yourself. You can either place a "For Sale' sign on the item or post it online on Craigslist. The title transfer will be your responsibility, as will the price haggling and the time it takes to find the buyer.

It is more convenient to trade in your car than sell it yourself, but it will bring you less money. CarMax and other third-party trade-in locations will likely offer more than the dealer, but you have the option to shop around for the best deal. There is also a tax incentive when you trade in your gas vehicle for an electric one.

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