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Tesla vehicles were designed for drivers of all abilities, but do they also work well for people with disabilities? Tesla vehicles are equipped with many features which make this possible.

Tesla vehicles have been modified so that those with mobility issues can activate certain features such as autopilot. Hand controls, such as convenient hand brakes, can replace the need for foot breaks. With suspension controls, some Tesla models allow you to adjust the height.

You will find out what makes Tesla vehicles suitable for drivers who have mobility impairments. Some features may not be standard on all Tesla vehicles, but they can easily be added by the owner.

Tesla's Self-Driving & Autopilot Features

Every Tesla vehicle as of April 2019 comes with autopilot/self-driving capabilities. This feature isn't standard, but it can be easily added to all recent models with some simple modifications. To put it another way, since April 2019, all vehicles have been equipped with the equipment necessary to activate the Autopilot feature.

Tesla cars have features that make self-driving feasible.

  • Eight external cameras
  • A radar
  • 12 ultrasonic sensors
  • A computer system on board

Tesla drivers can purchase two separate autopilot packages, including autopilot or full self-driving capability. These options are designed to make driving easier for people with disabilities.


The autopilot feature automatically adjusts your vehicle's speed to match that of other cars in the area. The autosteer option helps the driver steer the vehicle in highway lanes that are marked.

Full Self-Driving Ability

The package includes a navigation assistant, which suggests lane changes and assists you in making those changes automatically by activating your turn signal. It can also help drivers find the correct exit. The features don't stop there.

  • The package also includes auto-parking, which allows you to park the vehicle in tight spaces by using an app on your phone or a key.
  • Traffic and stop signs can be controlled, which will automatically bring the vehicle to a halt under the driver's supervision.
  • The driver can "call" a vehicle up to 200 feet from the vehicle using "Smart Summon".

Smart Summon

Smart Summon, a Tesla feature, is designed specifically for drivers who have mobility issues. The feature not only allows the driver to find difficult parking spots but also to summon the vehicle to them without any passengers inside.

You can access the app by using your cell phone. Here, you'll see a map showing your current position as well as that of your car. You will see a circle that shows the maximum distance the car can be summoned. It is possible to have the car up to 200 feet from your position for this function.

The process of getting the vehicle to travel towards your location is very simple. On the mobile application, there is an option that says "Come to Me". A quick tap on the screen activates summoning.

Smart Summon has one important caveat. You will not be allowed to use this feature while on public roadways. This is for safety purposes. If the onboard computer of the vehicle detects that the vehicle will need to travel a certain route to get to you, it will deny the request.

This is still a good application for disabled drivers. especially if you live in crowded areas, where parking spaces may be scarce. The car can move from the parking space to your destination.

Tesla's FeatherLite SureGrip handheld controls

SureGrip handheld controls replace the need for vehicles to have gas and brake pedals. Individuals with mobility impairments can easily operate their vehicles with these hand controls.

The hand controls have the following features to assist drivers with disabilities:

  • Alternate Throttle Source The factory pedal of the vehicle can be replaced with an activation button.
  • Acceleration Electronic -The gas pedal will no longer need to be physically pushed. The gas rod has been removed, allowing plenty of space for the legs.
  • Responsive Throttle –The throttle has been designed to be responsive and more controllable than the system installed at the factory.

Hand controls provide easy access to other controls, such as the turn signal, light dimmers, and wiper controls.

These hand controls are compatible only with certain models of Tesla. Only the following Tesla Models are compatible with.

  • Model 3 - 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Model S (all years 2013-2010)
  • Model X – all years 2016 to 2020
  • Model Y - 2020

On SureGrip’s website, you can find a dealer near you that sells SureGrip products.

Will I be able to use my gas pedal whenever I want?

Manufacturers say that many potential buyers worry about being unable to use their gas pedal occasionally. You should know, however, that removing the gas pedal is not necessary.

If you want to keep the pedal in the car, you can specify this. However, some owners prefer to remove the foot pedals as it allows them more room for their legs.

Is the warranty applicable to hand-control parts?

A warranty is certainly in place for factory-installed car parts. Some potential buyers are worried that hand controls will not have an equivalent guarantee. All FeatherLite SureGrip components are covered under warranty.

SureGrip Hand Controls are protected for four years. Electronic components have a one-year warranty. Depending on what contract you have with Tesla, new parts may be covered by a warranty that is similar to the one already in place.

Tesla Vehicles have adjustable ride height

Tesla models come with an option to adjust ride height. It allows you to adjust the suspension. It can be used in a variety of ways to help disabled drivers, though the ability to enter or exit the vehicle with greater ease is the most notable.

If, for example, you find it hard to bend over to get in your car, you can use the "Always Automatic-Raise" feature to maintain the vehicle at the desired height, whenever you're in the driveway. This feature also simplifies driving, because you may need to adjust the height of your vehicle in certain situations.

In summary

Tesla vehicles can be easily modified for drivers who have mobility issues. Tesla models come standard with an adjustable suspension that makes it easier to get in. Tesla vehicles are suitable for drivers with disabilities because they have a variety of features, including:

  • Autopilot/self-driving capability
  • Your vehicle can be summoned from a distance of up to 200 feet
  • Parking lot maneuvering
  • Compatibility of hand controls which eliminates the need for brake pedals/gas pedals

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