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Best Bike rack for Tesla Model 3 and How to Mount it?

It is no secret that biking is a very popular way to exercise and have fun. However, not everyone has access to nearby bike paths or trails. There is a variety of bike carriers that are available to make it easy for cyclists of all levels to transport their bikes. In this article we will examine the various bike racks that are available for the Model 3 Tesla, and decide which is the best.

What is the most suitable bike rack for Model 3 Tesla? How is it mounted on your car? We believe that a trunk mounted bike rack offers the best value for money, while also being easy to install and offering the highest carrying capacity. The 3-bike Premier Rack from Allen Sports is an excellent choice. It is the perfect combination of performance, value and ease of installation. Installing the device is easy and can be done by anyone, even a first time user.

Model 3 Tesla bike racks - Different types available

Bike racks come in many styles and configurations, depending on what you drive and how many bikes you plan to transport. We are focusing on sedans, specifically the Model 3 Tesla. Therefore, we have narrowed down our search to three bike rack categories.

  1. Hitch mount bike racks
  2. Roof mounted bike racks
  3. Truck mount bike racks

Other types that we won't consider include bed racks (which are used only on pickup trucks) and external spare-tire racks (which are commonly found on SUVs).

Hitch Mount Bike Mount

This rack type is the easiest and most convenient to use. It consists of either a platform, or a post that holds the bikes. The hitch mount bike carrier requires your vehicle to already have a tow or trailer hitch, since it attaches directly to the existing hitch.

You can install the trailer or hitch yourself, but most people would prefer it to be professionally installed. This additional requirement is why we now discuss roof-mounted bike racks.

Roof Mount Bike Mount

Credit By InsideEVs

Roof mount racks allow you to carry bikes on your vehicle's roof. Most roof mount bike carriers attach to crossbars in a vehicle’s roof rack system. Roof racks come as standard equipment in many vehicles today, but are most common on SUVs. Adding a roof rack to any car can be expensive.

Roof mounted bike racks can be used if installing crossbars or roof rails is not possible. They use suction cups that are powerful to secure the rack to the car roof.

The suction cups are attached with a pumping device. This creates a vacuum that bonds the suction pad to the surface. Two sections are usually used in a suction-cup system. The main section consists of a bar with many suction cups to secure the front wheel (the front tire may have to be removed). Suction cup modules are used to secure the rear wheel on each bike.

Due to the need for stability when transporting bikes on a car's roof, the suction cup must create a powerful seal with the surface. If the vacuum pressure created is excessive, this can create problems. More on this in the future, specifically with regards to Model 3 Teslas.

Tesla Brand Roof Racks Flat Bar

Roof Racks Non Tesla Brand (Flat Bar).

Suction Cup Roof Racks For Bikes


There are pros and cons to roof mounted bike racks:

  • Rearview mirror provides a clear view.
  • Provides access to rear/trunk of vehicle.
  • Some roof-mounted bike racks have the option of being adapted to fit other equipment such as snowboards or skis. ).
  • Both the rack and bicycles being transported are equipped with anti-theft measures. Bikes have to be hoisted onto the roof for transport. They must then be taken off to ride.
  • Noise and increased drag during driving (reducing fuel efficiency).
  • The vehicle's height increases rapidly (beware of parking structures with low clearance, garages and drive-thrus at fast-food restaurants).

Trunk Mount Bike Rack

This type of bike rack has the simplest design and is usually the most affordable. A trunk mount bike carrier is composed of a metal frame with padded struts. It rests against the rear bumper of the car. Here is where most of the weight is located. The mounting process usually takes only a few moments.

Trunk mount bicycle racks use multiple straps (typically 6 to 8), coated hooks and metal edges to attach the rack to the vehicle. They also add stability. These straps (usually nylon or similar materials) are fed into a buckle, and tighten up when pulled.

The pros and cons of Trunk Mount Bike Racks are listed below:


  • Economical yet effective.
  • Easy installation and removal (many models are foldable and can be stored within the vehicle's trunk).
  • Some models are able to accommodate as many as four bicycles of adult size.
  • Lifting the bike only a couple of feet off the ground will reduce strain when mounting and unmounting.
  • Can be easily transferred from one car to another or installed on rental vehicles. - View is partially obstructed by rear window and backup camera.
  • Be careful when backing the vehicle up (add an additional two feet to its rear length).
  • When bikes are mounted, there is no access to the trunk.
  • The rack and bikes have minimal anti-theft features.
  • The rear license plate may be partially obstructed or completely blocked.

 Credit By Cyberbackpack

Tesla Model 3 - Unique Design

In some cases, the type and style of bike racks that are possible will depend on the vehicle itself and the characteristics of the vehicle. This is especially the case with the Model 3 Tesla.

Tesla's Model 3 was launched in July 2017, and in just two years it became the most popular plug-in car in America, thanks to its affordable sticker price.

Model 3's sleek, modern design has generally been praised. However, from the viewpoint of a cycling enthusiast, it poses challenges. The only option for the Model 3 driver is to install a roof-mounted rack system, a trailer/tow-hitch or a trunk mounted system.

It's here that things can get complicated when mounting a suction-cup system on the Model 3 roof. Model 3s are notable for their abbreviated trunk. In profile, the Model 3 appears almost like a small hatchback because the trunk is short. A roof is another design feature that makes the Model 3 stand out.

The roof of standard models is made up of one solid piece of glass. It extends from the middle of the car to the trunk. Model 3s with the Panoramic roof Edition have a glass roof.

Documents suction cup over-pressurizations that cracked the glass under the vacuum pad. A manufacturer of suction cups bike racks linked to a fix on their website. Even though this problem is not common, it has been documented as a hazard that can be costly.

Why Allen Sports Premier Trunk Rack is the Best Choice?

Allen Sports S-103 Premier 3 bike trunk mount rack is a simple-to-install, secure system for transporting up to 100 pounds bicycles. The fold-up design makes it easy to store in the trunk of a Model 3 and you'll be on your way to your favorite biking destination within minutes.

Allen Sports premier bike racks can be configured to hold two or four bikes. So, installing it is easy. Check it out.

How to Install the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack Trunk Mount?

It is possible to install this bike rack in just a few minutes by anyone, including bike rack newbies. No tools are required. This is the first trunk mount bicycle rack you have used. You should familiarize yourself with all of its components, and understand how it operates.

You will see that the rack is folded up in its storage configuration once you remove it from its packaging.

  • The rack is folded and the struts are identified (two rubber foot on each). These struts will place the weight of your bikes against the upper and lower portion of the Model 3's rear trunk door.
  • The upper strut rests on top of trunk lid and is attached to arms that support bikes.
  • The lower strut rests against the bottom trunk door at the point where it meets with the rear bumper.

Six heavy-duty straps have flat hooks attached at their ends. The hooks will latch on at various points along the trunk's door. They are coated with a protective coating to protect the Model 3’s paint finish.

The Trunk Mount Bike Rack: Step 1. Install it

The first step in mounting the rack is to lock the bike support arm into place. The upper padded struts of the rack are attached to the bike support arm (you can recognize the arms by three sets cradles or tie-downs which secure the bikes). The lower padded struts of the support system are attached to an u-shaped metal framework.

Swing the support arm away from lower support strut and snap the pins into place. The support arm should lock in position creating a close to 90-degree-angle with the support in horizontal alignment, and the U-shaped frame vertically aligned.

Next, identify three sets of straps which will stabilize and secure the rack to your Model 3 There are three straps: two upper straps, two lateral straps marked by the manufacturer as "Side Straps", and two lower.

Before installation, make sure that the rubber pads are clean and free from any dirt. This will protect the paint finish and prevent scratches.

Step 2: Attach the Upper Straps

Place the bike support arms parallel with the ground on the rack. Position it against the rear of the trunk lid (the vertical portion).

Securely attach the upper straps, one at atime, to the edge of the trunk (where it meets the rear glass) on the trunk lid.

Make sure the hooks are spaced properly apart. Each hook should be hooked completely over the metal edge at the trunk lid.

Adjust the upper straps' length so that the support arm is now slightly angled upward. This will make sure that the bikes are raised above the ground, and away from vehicle exhaust.

Step 3: Attach the Lower Straps

Now that the upper straps have been secured, it is time to attach the lower ones. Because of the Model 3 design, it is better to hook the lower straps onto the bottom edge the trunk (below license plate area) rather than the metal edge below the rear bumper.

It is possible that the lower strap has too much slack for it to be properly tightened. To fix this, you can remove the lower straps entirely from the lower bar.

Each strap should be looped around the bike's support arm, in front of the innermost bike cradles. Then latch the hook to the trunk lid bottom edge.

Make sure to space the two hooks apart.

Tighten each strap to secure the bike rack.

Step 4: Attach Side Straps

The side straps provide lateral stability for the bike rack. When you look down at the top trunk lid of the Model 3 from the rear, you'll notice it has an irregular shape. It features portions that flare above the left- and right-rear turn signal/brake lights. We want to attach the lateral straps on the flared areas of trunk lid.

Start with the left side strap and attach the hook at the edge of the trunk lid above the turn signal/brake lamp on the left. Repeat this procedure on the other side.

Once the side straps have been attached securely, tighten them. Here are a couple of photos that show this rack on a Model 3

Model 3 has a unique design that allows the trunk to be opened using the rack!

Make sure all straps are tightened properly and the rack is mounted securely on your Model 3 before you load your bikes. The padded rubber foot should rest on a metal or concrete surface.

When you're sure that your bike rack is mounted correctly, you can begin loading bikes.

Step 5: How to load Bicycles

Make sure all loose items are removed before loading the bicycles (e.g. bottles of water, pumps, bags). Loading multiple bicycles is easy if you load the heaviest first. This will be the bike closest to your vehicle. The lighter bike should always be the one furthest away.

While loading the first bike (away from your vehicle), turn the gears, and make sure the chain is facing you. The top bar of the bike frame should be placed on each support arm.

It is important to evenly distribute the weight of the bike on both support arms. The front wheel may need to be secured so it doesn't come in contact with the back of your Model 3

Wrap the excess lower strap around the wheel in front of you and secure it on the rack.

Each cradle is equipped with a tie down strap at one end. This can be secured by tightening the strap over the bicycle frame, and then fastening it to a peg located on the other side.

Load additional bicycles by alternating the direction of their cradles to evenly distribute weight and securing them tightly.

To remind you, the maximum load of this trunk mount bike rack totals 100 pounds, which equates roughly to three mountain bicycles that are adult-sized.

This article will hopefully help you to choose the right bike rack for your Model 3 as well as how to install it.

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