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Anyone with a Tesla knows that it is the most amazing car ever made and available for the masses! These guys have only been making electric cars for 11 years and they are some of the most safe, comfortable, stylish, and fast cars available. The fully electric cars have a few minor issues, with the most common being randomly flashing lights.

Why do Tesla Lights flash? Tesla is yet to officially explain why its lights flash, but some theories include:

  1. The 201850 Update
  2. Cold Temperatures
  3. Sentry mode activated

Find out below why they could affect your headlights, and some popular theories that are absolutely wrong!

Three Reasons Your Tesla Headlights Flash on Their Own

When the headlights are turned off, your Tesla's front is not winking.

All kidding aside, this seems to be a problem that many Tesla owners have, and the model doesn't seem to matter. It's not a common problem, but there are videos of it happening to more than two dozen cars.

Tesla hasn't released a formal statement to explain the issue. However, there are three main solutions that shed light on the problem.

  1. The 201850 Update
  2. Cold temperatures
  3. Activated Sentry mode (most common).

We'll take a closer look and see if we can solve your problem with flashing headlights.

1. The 201850 Update as well as Updates to General

Tesla released the software update 2018.50 on December 27, 2018. The software update added great features and fixed bugs, but also included random flashing lights.

Tesla owners report that the problem occurs at night, with the right light going out first and then the left. It is believed that the issue started after the 201850 update. However, you cannot skip an update on your computer.

Tesla isn't your typical car, with its gas engine and manual buttons. Tesla's interior is known for its minimalist design, which features a single screen that controls the entire vehicle. Instead of changing your oil or having your engine checked, you need to update your car's computer software to fix a battery bug or add special features such as autonomous driving.

Here's some good news. Tesla has released many updates since 2018.50. New software versions haven't caused the same outrage as older ones, so the software issue is most likely solved.

Another popular theory on updates suggests that the car will update automatically to the latest version when connected to WIFI in your home or at a Tesla Service Center. This fixes various bugs, etc.

The vehicle may behave in an unnatural manner and flash its headlights.

2. Cold temperatures

It could be the weather, not the update.

Some drivers who live in colder areas such as Alaska or Colorado have reported that their Tesla headlights sometimes flash randomly and at random times while driving. If your headlights fail while you're driving, it is important to get them repaired at the nearest Tesla center. Tesla's cars will alert you to any serious issues... that is how awesome they are!

Model 3 and S seem to be most affected by extreme cold temperatures, especially at night.

3. Sentry Mode Activated

Sentry Mode is often the cause of your Tesla lights flashing.

Sentry Mode is one of the most cool features on a Tesla. The car will provide an additional layer of protection if you install a flash drive in it and activate Sentry Mode through the Tesla app. The car will flash its headlights to try to scare off an intruder when you are not in the vehicle and something or someone gets too close. It can be caused by someone bumping it, scratching its exterior or even trying to break in. The cameras will start recording so that you can view the video later.

If you have the app switched on, even if Sentry Mode is not fully configured, the lights will still flash if Tesla feels threatened.

Are Your Tesla Headlights Being Hacked?

The common belief is that Tesla cars are being hacked. The right headlight flashes more often than the left on most Teslas. This is after the initials AA or MA are spelled in morse. Some people believe these initials are those of the hacker group or hacker who is forcing Teslas to flash their headlights.

A few minor mistakes in thinking could lead to a suspicion.

  1. The hacking would only affect a single vehicle
  2. The problem would affect multiple cars at the same time, so you'd see flashing lights all over Tesla lots.
  3. The problem would affect all Teslas with the latest software update, not just a few dozen.
  4. Most important: Elon, the CEO and founder of Tesla, Inc., publicly announced that he was willing to give a Model 3 for free to anyone who could hack into a Tesla vehicle.

Musk's approach to marketing his companies and being vocal about it has helped him become a trustworthy character in the eyes the market. Musk, who has a commitment to making cars that are among the safest in the world is logical to challenge the top hackers to enter the car and find the weakest spots to stop future cyberattacks.

No, your car's not been hacked yet. Why only flash the lights when you can hack Elon Musk's bank account, I mean?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

No. No. Musk is adamant that his vehicles use only functional/narrow AI and not general artificial intelligence. Although there is no self-aware AI, it's easy to understand why some people are worried that their cars will be overtaken with robots communicating using headlights.

Be aware that the AI in your Tesla, if it's even set up, cannot suddenly become self-aware and flash its lights.

Do you not think that the car could do more than flash its lights, despite the fact that AI isn't functional in this way?

What to do about flashing headlights?

You can take a few steps to stop your headlights from flashing at random.

  1. Update your software to the latest version.
  2. If it seems to be a cold weather issue, keep your car warm. You could cover your car with a cover or park it inside a garage.
  3. If you don't need it, turn off Sentry Mode. In that case, be aware that the lights will flash.

The most important thing is to schedule an appointment at the nearest Tesla Service Center if you experience a problem that persists or occurs while driving.

You have the answer. Even the best cars have minor issues. Be safe, update your car, and hire professionals to fix it if the problem can't be fixed. Tesla's staff will always be happy to help!

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