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The 2023.12 software upgrade to Tesla introduces many new features that will enhance the Tesla owner's driving experience. This overview will cover the key updates and focus on the Text Size feature and steering wheel customization.

Text size: Medium and Large

Drivers can now choose between normal and large text sizes when setting up the touchscreen display's Text Size option. This update is more user-friendly and makes it easier to navigate and read the interface. Comparison photos show the differences between Normal and Large text sizes. This demonstrates the increased readability of the larger option.

Not only will the text size affect menus, but also most text throughout the UI. The labels that allow you to lock or unlock the vehicle will be larger.

With Tesla update 2023.12 you can adjust the text size

Steering wheel customization: A game changer

Tesla's new steering wheel customization offers more functionality. This makes it easier than ever for drivers access to popular settings. Long pressing the left scroll wheel will open a menu in the lower left corner of your screen. To navigate through the options, drivers can scroll the wheel left or right. To select the option you want, tilt the wheel to the left or right.

There are many options available, including glovebox, defrost and dome lights, climate temperature (HVAC fan speed), display brightness, save Dashcam, dashboard video, acceleration mode (i.e. chill, normal), steering wheels heat, and backup camera. The list of customizable options does not include windshield wipers. Drivers can change the options available by going to Controls > Display. This will allow for a more personalized driving experience.

Answer the phone from the steering wheel

The steering wheel now has phone call controls. Drivers can answer and decline calls, mute/unmute their phones, or hang up using the left scroll button.

Charging Menu

The charging menu has been updated. Tesla has removed the car visualization, which enabled them to increase the slider to make it easier to set your charging threshold.

Passenger Seat Controls & Manual App

The rear touchscreen allows you to move the passenger seat in the Model S or Model X. The rear touchscreen allows passengers to move the passenger seats forward or backward while the vehicle is in neutral. This makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

This update brings the new manual app that Tesla tested in update 2023.6 to all users. This app provides quick access to the Owner's Manual, as well as visual guides and links relevant to topics such creating Driver Profiles or using regenerative brakes.

British English Voice Recognition

British English is now available in voice-recognition language options. This should improve voice recognition for large numbers of English-speaking users.

The 2023.12 software upgrade by Tesla continues the company's commitment of improving the user experience through innovative and practical features. Tesla owners will enjoy an easier and more efficient driving experience thanks to improvements such as the Text Size feature, and steering wheel customization. We will keep you updated as we learn more about the other features in the update. Most of these features should be available for both the Model S and Mode X, though some might be exclusive to the Model 3 or Y.

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