Tesla Model Y 4680 Configuration in the U.S. Drops Interior Color Opti – Tesla Maison

Tesla has recently eliminated one of the interior color choices for a specific Model Y configuration in the United States.

The All-Wheel-Drive Model Y variant featuring Tesla's 4680 battery cells no longer offers the White Interior option. This particular model is produced at Tesla's Gigafactory Texas, situated near Austin, while the other two configurations are manufactured at the Fremont Factory in Northern California.

Tesla's Online Design Studio has been updated to reflect that the All-Wheel-Drive Model Y now only comes with an All Black interior.

The removal of the white seat option could be attributed to potential shortages. Out of Spec Dave, a popular Tesla enthusiast, mentioned in a video that his order for a Model Y All-Wheel-Drive with the white interior was revised because Tesla currently does not manufacture this seating option in Texas.

Dave stated, "I found out from a couple of different sources at Tesla that Tesla is not going to be manufacturing the 4680 packs with white interior until mid-to-late July at the earliest."

Tesla produces its seats in-house, and it is widely known that the company has a dedicated seat factory near the Fremont Factory.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Tesla's interior options are vegan, a transition the automaker made several years ago. The white seats have gained popularity among customers due to their stain-resistant properties, even with exposure to harsh liquids.

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