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Tesla to Make Changes to Their Car's Power Meter

Thanks to one of our readers, we have an exclusive look at Tesla's power meter upgrade. The power monitor, an integral component of the user interface (UI), provides drivers with real-time data about their energy usage and regenerative-braking.

Tesla unintentionally exposed this feature in their application prior to fixing it a few hours later.

Striking a balance between visibility and relevance

Tesla has made many design improvements to their power meters over the years in an effort to enhance driver experience. The original version featured a thin line in black and green; recent updates have thickened this line for increased visibility. It appears that Tesla has managed to strike a balance between these designs.

Tesla appears to be shifting the power meter from thicker to thinner lines when necessary, such as sudden surges or accelerations (pushing the accelerator on the floor) or regenerativebraking events.

The release notes for this feature read:

The power meter is a thin horizontal line above the car status area of the touchscreen that shows real-time power usage.

The right side of the power meter represents power that is used to accelerate the vehicle. Now, when you press the accelerator pedal farther, the line is thicker.

Tesla introduced a significant upgrade in 2022 (update 0222.16) that allowed drivers to view how their vehicle used its brakes when on Autopilot. This feature displays a gray line on the power meter when Autopilot is using physical brakes from the car's system.

Limited Regen Indicator/Regen Bar
Limited Regen Indicator

Tesla's limited regen indicator is another useful feature. When the "apply brakes only when regen is low" option has been turned off, dots on the power meter will appear to alert drivers that there is limited regenerative braking capacity available. This visual cue will assist drivers in making informed decisions about their energy and braking needs.

Although it is unknown when Tesla will implement this change to their power meters, release notices have been sent out indicating it may come in an upcoming update.

Tesla's updated power meter user experience demonstrates their dedication to improving vehicle functionality and user experience. By making it simpler for owners to understand their car's energy consumption, Tesla positions itself as a leader in electric vehicle innovation that will continue providing cutting-edge technology as the market expands.

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