Tesla Offers Free Supercharging to Boost Model 3 Inventory Sales – Tesla Maison
In an effort to maximize Model 3 sedan sales before the end of the quarter, Tesla has introduced a new incentive for customers interested in inventory units: free Supercharging. The electric vehicle manufacturer is offering three months of unlimited free Supercharging to customers who purchase and take delivery of a Model 3 inventory unit between June 14 and June 30, 2023, in North America. However, this promotion excludes used inventory Model 3 units and vehicles included in business orders.

Industry observers speculate that this limited-time promotion aims to clear out existing Model 3 inventory ahead of the anticipated Project Highland update. Project Highland is expected to bring significant changes to the Model 3, including a refreshed exterior and interior design, as well as improved cost-efficiency in production.

While three months of free Supercharging can be a valuable perk, particularly for frequent travelers, it may not be sufficient incentive for regular customers to purchase a Model 3 inventory unit at this time. Some potential buyers might prefer to wait for the release of the Model 3's Project Highland update, which is anticipated to generate increased interest.

Despite being overshadowed by the Model Y crossover in terms of current sales, the Tesla Model 3 played a crucial role in popularizing electric vehicles in the mainstream auto market. Its sales have remained steady despite the presence of its crossover counterpart. With the upcoming Project Highland update, the Model 3 is poised for a potential resurgence in sales.

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