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Tesla, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, has announced a fresh round of price cuts on its most sought-after models. This initiative is intended to attract more buyers and help the company meet its ambitious sales targets for this year while pleasing investors and maintaining its position as market leader.
Model S and Model X Enjoy Significant Price Cuts

Tesla's luxury models, the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, have seen some of the steepest price reductions. Now only $5,000 each, these electric vehicles were reduced by $5,000 in January and further this month. Model S Plaid in particular has seen a massive discount of $21,000 since last year - an amazing saving of 21%!

Model 3 and Model Y Now More Affordably Priced

Tesla also reduced the prices for its most affordable models to make Tesla's vehicles more accessible. All Model 3 variants now feature a $1,000 price cut, making a rear-wheel drive Model 3 cost $41,990 instead of $43,990 in January. Note that RWD Model 3s lose half their IRS clean vehicle tax credit beginning April 18; all Model 3s, all-wheel-drive Model 3s, and all Model Ys remain eligible for this $7.500 credit.

The Model Y with 4680 Batteries is now available!

Tesla recently unveiled their Dual Motor AWD variant of Model Y, powered by 4680 batteries. At $49,990 without incentives and boasting 279 miles range and top speed of 135 mph, with 0-60 time of just 5.0 seconds and top speed surpassing 130 MPH, this Model Y variant serves to demonstrate Tesla's progress in increasing 4680 cell production - an essential step towards improving vehicle efficiency and cutting costs.

Recently, Tesla made several changes to their Model Y SUV pricing. First, they reduced both Long Range and Performance prices by $13,000 back in January; following a US Department of Treasury decision regarding clean vehicle tax credits, Tesla raised prices by $2,000 per vehicle.

Tesla has now reduced the Model Y Long Range and Performance prices by $2,000, making them even more accessible to potential buyers. These models now have new starting prices of $52,990 & $56,990 respectively.

Tesla strives to reach ambitious sales targets

Tesla failed to meet its ambitious sales targets this year despite a 36% surge in global sales. To boost sales and reach these objectives by the end of year, Tesla plans on decreasing vehicle prices. These cuts, along with Tesla's commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, should help keep it at the top of the electric vehicle marketplace.

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