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Tesla recently introduced a tire safety feature into their latest update that tracks your mileage and will alert you when it is time for new rubber to be purchased.

Tires may be one of the most critical elements in vehicle security. Without adequate rubber on your tires, your car won't perform to its potential and provide peace of mind while driving - even under ideal circumstances.

Too often people do not know when it is necessary to change their tires. According to Kelley Blue Book, you should replace your tires every 50,000 miles - roughly 3 to 5 years - as part of proper tire maintenance practices such as checking air pressure and maintaining appropriate inflation levels. To further ensure safety, additional steps such as maintaining air pressure must also be undertaken as regularly.

Tesla will introduce a feature for monitoring tire health according to Not A Tesla App.

The Controls menu makes accessing features straightforward; this part of Tesla's 2023.20 Update Software.

Tesla has published their official release notes regarding this feature.

For information about your most recent tire change, visit Controls > Service.

Tap "Reset" to reset the counter when rotating, replacing, or switching tires.

Tesla vehicles continue to evolve when it comes to safety, with regular feature updates that go well beyond preventing an accident.

Tesla recently unveiled a feature allowing drivers to disable passive authentication and safeguard against it being activated accidentally by anyone who might attempt to gain entry. This prevents any ill intentions being harbored nearby from unlocking a car unexpectedly and invading its privacy.

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