Tesla Roadsters Abandoned in China Have Been Accepted into Multiple Offers Above $1M – Tesla Maison

After bidding extended until last Friday with an initial top bid of $800,000., several offers for three Tesla Roadsters abandoned in a Chinese container were placed north of that amount.

Gruber Motors received more information last week regarding who would receive three cars, which included an R&D unit of an auto manufacturer that had filed bankruptcy and received additional assistance through Gruber Motors' program. Bidding ended on 26 May with an overwhelming $800,000. bid, outbidding its previous bid of $750,000 by $50K. Gruber Motors received additional details regarding who received them including an R&D unit belonging to one Chinese automaker that went bankrupt - all recipients being provided through Gruber Motors themselves.

Gruber is a German term.

"The original buyer was an R&D facility belonging to a Chinese automobile company that went bankrupt shortly afterwards; these vehicles may have been acquired for reverse engineering and disassembly; Tesla Roadster in 2010 was considered high-tech EV which preceded Model S' release, making it highly valued among EV companies."

Another disassembled car was also recovered and packed into several shipping crates for shipping.

Gruber Motors has extended the deadline for bidding to June 2, likely because they are still accepting bids that exceed $1 million and need to be evaluated.

Pete Gruber confirmed to Fox News that there had been "several" bids that exceeded $1 Million for Gruber's house.

By the original deadline, bids on these three vehicles had only reached $800,000. Meanwhile, another auction featuring an older Roadster with some mileage on it attracted offers of nearly 1.5 million - for just one unit.

Bidding process will now end on 2 June and we will keep you up-to-date on any developments that arise.

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