Tesla is opening its flagship store for Thailand: Report – Tesla Maison
Tesla plans to open its flagship store in Bangkok by early June. The five-floor facility will include showroom space as well as service centres, parts storage warehouses and fast charging stations located within an eastern Bangkok shopping mall.

Local media have reported that the site had previously served as a Toyota dealership. Roland Berger's Kenichi Shimomura stated that Thailand could serve as an initial testing ground for Tesla's plans to enter Southeast Asian automobile market.

Shimomura told Nikko Asia that Tesla is looking at Thailand as an opportunity to test out its expansion plans in Southeast Asia.

Tesla recently unveiled their flagship store to further accelerate sales of electric vehicles in Thailand. Model Y, a crossover SUV, and Model 3 sedan were first made available here last December and both vehicles can be found priced between 1,960,000 baht or $56,500 and 1,760,000 baht, slightly more expensive than Chinese models which typically range from 1-million Baht.

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 sales in Thailand remain robust despite Tesla's higher vehicle prices, with nearly 1,034 sold since March alone - almost tripling since March's 17% market share estimate by Autolife Thailand and making it Thailand's second most popular EV vehicle.

Thailand's electric vehicle market will benefit greatly from the opening of a Tesla flagship store. Tesla is an iconic global maker of EVs and its presence could increase demand here. Furthermore, having such an establishment signal confidence to other EV makers and global companies.

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