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Tesla has at least considered the possibility of using the traditional round steering wheels with the Cybertruck. Interesting, Cybertruck's round wheel option was not hidden from view.

Since the Cybertruck launched, no vehicle has been seen with a regular steering wheel. The Cybertruck's original prototype was revealed in 2019. It featured a similar steering yoke to that of the Model S or Model X. In later alpha versions of the electric pickup truck, steering yokes similar to those seen in the Cybertruck prototype were also spotted.

Recent pictures of Cybertruck prototypes featured an improved system with traditional elements. It was rectangular just like the Model S's and Model X’s yoke. But it had a rounded top that the driver could use to rest his hand. It had capacitive button controls for the features like turn signals.

Tesla's community has recently observed that the Cybertruck prototypes are also equipped with a real round steering wheel. Tesla displayed the Optimus Demo video during the 2023 Cyber Roundup. The round wheel was visible in that video. Near the end, when the robots were viewed in close-up, it was possible to see the outline of a round wheel on the prototype Cybertruck.

A number of Cybertruck reservations holders, including experienced truck owners, have cautioned Tesla over the years about using a steering system that only uses a yoke, especially when the vehicle will be used in the workplace. Tesla would do well to provide a round-shaped steering wheel for the Cybertruck. This will give customers more options.

The Cybertruck round steering wheels are not Tesla's official option. They were just hidden in plain view. Despite being spotted with round wheels on many Model S and Model X prototypes, these vehicles were still released with a traditional steering yoke.

Tesla later changed the Model S & Model X steering systems to a rounded steering wheel. Perhaps the Cybertruck could be released in a similar way. It is likely that pickup truck drivers who are used to using their vehicle for work would appreciate such an option.

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