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Tesla recently reinstated their Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive vehicle for just $47.420 after CEO Elon Mohs noted the excessive waitlist.

Tesla now offers this configuration as an option to its Model 3 Performance with Rear-Wheel Drive. Prior to this announcement, the car had been dimmed out on Design Studio display screens with a message reading "Available in 2023."

Tesla Relaunches Model 3 which Was Too Popular

Since August 20, 2022, when Tesla dimmed and discontinued it for production purposes, no new Model 3s have been available to buy until 2023.

Tesla anticipates that their vehicle will be available for delivery by June 2023 and has estimated its range as greater than 325 miles with speeds reaching up to 145 MPH.

Tesla has indicated that their EV may qualify for part of the $7,500 eligible EFV tax credit available. They believe it may qualify for $3750 of these credits.

Tesla temporarily suspended taking orders after Elon Musk, its CEO, stated that its waitlist is too lengthy. Once production begins back up again, Tesla will offer cars again.

Tesla Relaunches Model 3 which Was Too Popular

Tesla has long struggled with space at their Fremont facility in Northern California. Their most popular all-electric cross-over vehicle - Model Y - remains extremely popular while their most sought-after Model 3 sedan remains second best seller.

Fremont has been an essential contributor to Tesla's delivery figures. We regularly follow its progress and report on any filings made as refinement continues at this plant. Tesla has increased production at Berlin, Texas and Fremont factories but Fremont still accounts for much of their overall delivery numbers.

Model 3 Long Range offers not only an AWD engine but also boasts an improved range rating to cater to those who do not desire the performance and acceleration provided by Performance configuration. Tesla's Supercharging network, one of the largest and most comprehensive in industry, makes this an appealing option.

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