Tesla Model Y is closing in as Australia’s best-selling SUV – Tesla Maison
Australia's electric vehicle (EV) sales reached an all-time high in April. Battery EVs made up 8% of Australia's new vehicle market; among these notable trends was Tesla Model Y making significant strides toward becoming one of its best-selling models in Australia.

The Federated Chamber of Automotive Industries, or FCAI, reported that new vehicle sales for February increased 1.3% compared to this same month last year; 9.5% of total auto sales included battery electric or hybrid plug-in vehicles.

Tony Weber, FCAI President, noted that had there not been global supply challenges in the industry, numbers may have been even higher. Tony Weber acknowledged this point. "We recognize that numbers would have been greater if not for these obstacles in supply," stated Tony Weber.

Tesla led Australia's electric vehicle (EV) market with 3,676 sold units last month - its highest monthly total to date this year. Furthermore, according to The Driven's reports, Tesla has sold more EVs here this year than it did during 2021 (2083 units sold in Australia alone).

Tesla Model Y placed second in the SUV category, only behind Toyota RAV4, while in passenger vehicle market it trailed Hyundai i30 by some distance. Both Toyota RAV4 and Hyundai i30 are significantly more affordable alternatives to Tesla Model Y.

Electric vehicle sales in Australia are expected to remain on an upward trend as demand grows for electric cars. Unfortunately, not all automakers have adopted them here yet; Sean Hanley of Toyota Australia stated in recent remarks that depending solely on electric vehicles would be an "overly simplistic solution". Furthermore, he mentioned their novelty as another factor.

"It is too soon. Unfortunately, no battery-electric vehicles exist that can tow 2.5 tons for 600 kilometers here in Australia; thus denying Aussies who need their cars for work, caravan towing or need longer range than 200 or 300 km the opportunity of owning such an EV."

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