Tesla Model 3 and Model Y receive latest price adjustment – Tesla Maison
Tesla recently implemented its latest round of price adjustments for their Model 3 sedan and Model Y cross-over vehicles in multiple countries. Minor price adjustments were implemented with immediate effect.

Two major electric vehicles in the US have recently seen their prices increase by $250 each, as a result of recent changes. Model 3 RWD can now be found for $40,240 before incentives. While Model 3 Performance used to cost $52,990 before modifications; now it costs $53,240.

According to reports, Tesla 4680 cells now powering Model Y AWD now start at $47,000 before incentives and options; Long Range models begin at $50.240 while Performance starts at $54.240 before options. Both products remain excellent values compared to competitors.

Prices of both Model 3 and Model Y vehicles were also affected in Canada, specifically their top-tier versions: Model 3 Performance saw an increase of CAD $300 to reach CAD 73290 while Model Y Performance also experienced an uptick reaching CAD 76290.

China, Tesla's most competitive market, has also witnessed similar price adjustments for their models 3 and Y; both products experienced an approximately $290 price adjustment - beginning at RMB 23,900 and RMB 331,900, respectively for Model 3 while Model Y offers RWD, LR AWD and Performance versions, which start at RMB 263,900 respectively for RWD/LR AWD models and RMB 26,3,900 respectively for their Performance versions.

Tesla's pricing strategies this year have been highly aggressive. Since the beginning of 2019, their aggressive pricing approach has created almost an all-out price war in key markets such as China. Their pricing approach makes vehicles such as the Model 3 sedan or Model Y cross-over more accessible for consumers while meeting Tesla's goal to promote sustainable transport.

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