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Drag races are a straightforward concept: the vehicle that crosses a designated mark the fastest is victorious in this race. But yet it remains thrilling because every millisecond counts.

It is astounding when a driver makes mistakes that should have been fatal but still emerges victorious - as was seen recently in Las Vegas when the Tesla Model Y took on Mercedes AMG GLE SUV at a drag race event.

According to a YouTube video posted by Wheels Plus of a quarter-mile race between an AMG SUV and Model Y, its driver appears to have crossed over the finish line prior to starting their race. When this happened, Model Y driver quickly turned around the cars so both started from similar places.

The Model Y driver had left their all-electric SUV in reverse and, when the light turned green, AMG SUVs began accelerating quickly while his Model Y reversed backward. To start racing again, he had to wait several seconds before shifting into Drive mode in order to start.

Amazingly, the Model Y SUV actually caught up with and overtook AMG SUV during the final stages of their race! Audience members could witness first-hand that an all-electric SUV had won; even though Model Y driver started poorly due to Tesla power.

MotorTrend's Model Y Long Range posted an impressive quarter-mile time at 112,36 mph of 12.4 seconds - outstripping that of Tesla Model Y! Even so, MotorTrend's performance stands out even though it started out heading in the wrong direction.

Below is a video showcasing a drag race between a Tesla Model Y and an AMG SUV.

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