Tesla Model Y is the world's most popular car according to Q1 2023 – Tesla Maison
Elon Musk previously asserted his belief that the Tesla Model Y could become the top-selling vehicle worldwide. This claim was bold given that its all-electric powertrain and higher price make this prediction unlikely.

According to data from JATO Dynamic, Elon Musk may be close to fulfilling his prediction. Felipe Munoz, an Automotive Industry specialist at JATO, recently noted that Elon's Model Y appears to have taken first place among passenger car sales rankings worldwide during Q1 2023.

According to data compiled by JATO International from 53 markets around the world and estimates from other markets, Tesla Model Y's success in 2022 can be seen as evidence that its all-electric crossover has found favor on global automotive markets. With sales rising year over year despite its higher selling price, its global performance proves it.

Last year, Tesla's Model Y was the third best-selling vehicle globally behind more affordable Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Corolla vehicles. According to Motor1, however, the gap was not that great; Tesla sold 244,000 Corolla units ahead and 268,000 RAV4 models behind. Tesla's aggressive pricing strategy may have contributed significantly towards this result.

Munoz highlights that data collected for the first three months reveals that Tesla Model Y sales increased 69% year-on-year to 267,200 units sold, marking an 88% gain over 2017. Model Y outshone its competitors in major markets like China, America and Europe while Toyota Corolla only sold 266,400 units over this same time frame and experienced both an 18% decrease in China as well as 10% in America versus 267200 from Tesla.

JATO analyst noted that Tesla Model Y could gain momentum as part of two popular segments - all-electric vehicles and crossovers. Toyota Corolla stands as a key competitor when it comes to sales volume but they offer another advantage due to being sold worldwide. Over the next several months, it will be fascinating to witness global rankings of top selling automotive segments.

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