Tesla Supercharger Network achieves 45,000 milestones around the world – Tesla Maison

Tesla recently reached a new landmark with the installation its 45,000th global Supercharger. The Tesla Charging Twitter account shared the announcement.

This announcement by the Supercharger Network comes just five months after Tesla had installed its 40,000th Supercharger. This is an impressive sign that the Supercharger Network has been growing.

The Supercharger Network's fast buildout has been a huge help, especially in the context of Tesla's efforts opening up its rapid charging network to other non-Tesla vehicles in the United States. Superchargers can make long-distance, EV travel a reality by being one of market's most reliable fast charging networks.

45k Superchargers around the world — and counting pic.twitter.com/DkVMdk8Cre

— Tesla Charging (@TeslaCharging) April 9, 2023

Tesla also credited Giga New York’s Supercharger production staff last month. Tesla made several posts on social networks stating that its prefabricated Supercharger-stalls were a major factor in the rapid charger network's ramp.

The company said that Giga New York had produced over half of all the 40,000 Superchargers in the world. Megachargers were also produced in the facility for Tesla Semi. It is an all-electric Class 8 truck with a 500 mile range.

Giga New York however is not the only facility that builds Superchargers to power electric vehicles. China's reports in 2021 stated that Tesla had established a Supercharger Factory in Shanghai. According to reports, the plant was designed to produce 10,000 supercharger V3 units a year.

The Tesla Supercharger Network can be widely considered as one the company's greatest competitive advantages in comparison to its peers in the electric car sector. Tesla is currently focused on expanding the Supercharger V4 and Megacharger networks for the Class 8 allelectric Semis in the United States.

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