Hong Kong: Tesla Model 3 Performance receives a 14.7% price reduction – Tesla Maison
Tesla continues to reduce the price of its vehicles around the world. The Model 3 Performance in Hong Kong will see a 14.7% price drop. The Model 3 Long Range, Model Y Performance and Model Y Long Range will also be reduced by Tesla in Hong Kong.

According to local Chinese media, Tesla will cut Model 3 and Model Y prices by April 15 in Hong Kong. The Model 3 Performance is not the only item that Tesla plans to reduce.

Tesla also plans to lower the Model Y Performance's price by 9.03%, and the Model Y Long Range's by 8.7%. Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y RWD versions will continue to be available at the same price.

The Model 3 Long Range is priced at HK$411,000 (52,362.25) as of this writing. The Performance version costs HK$442,200 (56,337.20). RWD Model 3 starts from HK$341,200 (43,469.59)

The Model Y Long Range is currently priced at HK$436,300 (55,585.53) and the Performance variant starts from HK$451,200 (57,483.82). Before options, the RWD Model Y is priced at HK$367.100 ($46.769.30).

All Model 3 and Model Y variants, including the RWD versions, are expected to arrive in Hong Kong within Q2 2023

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