Tesla Model Y Wins Chinese SUV Sales in March 2020 – Tesla Maison
Tesla's Model Y quickly overtook rival crossover models as China's top selling crossover in March 2023 after significant price reductions at the beginning of 2023. According to China Passenger Car Association figures, 54,937 Model Ys had been sold directly to Chinese consumers during this month - an increase of 38% year over year and 1350% year-on-year since February.

Tesla's decision in January 2018 to reduce prices of their electric SUV by up to 13 percent has been widely credited with propelling impressive sales results for their Model Y SUV. This made it more accessible for a wider variety of customers; as evidenced by sales exceeding those for other SUVs during March.
Model Y Leads in Sales of Electric Vehicles and Places 2nd for SUV Sales during Q1

Model Y was an impressive performer in China for the first quarter of 2023; however it still fell short of becoming the highest selling SUV for sales during January to March. BYD Song recorded 141.415 sales during that period; far exceeding Model Y's 94.647 units sold during January-March. Model Y alone achieved this high ranking; BYD Yuan Plus followed closely behind with 62.528 units.

Tesla began the year strong in China with 66.051 Model 3 & Model Y sales during January and 74.402 sales during February. March's near record sales contributed to around 229,322 vehicles overall sales in Q1 2023 for Tesla globally.

Tesla has strengthened their Chinese Market presence through strong Q1 results.

Tesla Model Y's impressive performance in China highlights their ongoing success on this market. Chinese consumers are rapidly adopting electric vehicles, while price cuts early in Q1 enabled potential buyers to consider purchasing one of Tesla's vehicles.

Tesla Model Y sales in China have experienced rapid growth, placing them in an excellent position to expand their market share within China's SUV segment. Tesla could capitalize on this trend by offering more electric SUVs.

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