Tesla Opens the First V4 Supercharger for All Electric Vehicles and Co – Tesla Maison
Recently, Tesla Charging announced via their official Twitter account that they have activated 45,000 Superchargers. This rapid expansion with 5,000 Superchargers added in five months is testament to Tesla's dedication to building an extensive charging network for electric cars.

Giga New York Contributes to Tesla's Supercharging Capacity
Tesla attributes its Giga New York facility with producing half of their Superchargers and Megachargers used in Tesla Semi electric vehicle deliveries. Tesla also owns a charger plant in Shanghai which produces 10,000 V3 superchargers annually. Now the focus shifts towards increasing availability of V4 Superchargers, also known as Megachargers, ahead of wider Tesla Semi deliveries expected later this year.

Tesla may need to update their website immediately upon reaching this milestone. Currently, it states: "With over 40,000 Superchargers in its possession, Tesla has and operates the world's largest fast charging network."
Tesla Model S and Non-Tesla Tesla Electric Vehicles Get Supercharging Stations
Tesla recently opened their first V4 Supercharger to all electric vehicles (EVs) in the Netherlands. This initiative aims to extend charging options beyond Tesla owners and promote long-distance EV travel. Tesla has been testing non-Tesla cars at Superchargers across Europe for over a dozen years, and recently extended this initiative into the US as well.

Non-Tesla US owners will need a CCS adapter with built-in support to connect to Tesla North American Charging Standard (NACS). Both Tesla owners and non-Tesla customers have had mixed reactions about the opening of Superchargers for all electric vehicles.

Tesla continues to expand its charging network. The question now is whether Tesla will open up future V4 Superchargers to all electric vehicles (EVs). Tesla's decision to open up their network to all EVs in Europe, the US, and other countries could ease some pressure off public charging stations while aiding in the transition towards electric mobility.

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