Tesla's Smartphone App will continue to evolve over time with additional features. – Tesla Maison

Tesla's Smartphone App may soon feature new features for owners. Code released previously indicates several additions which address vehicle functionality and accessibility.

One of the key benefits and features of owning a Tesla vehicle is accessing their Smartphone App, which displays vital information regarding charging status and state.

Tesla has made great strides in making their app more user-friendly in recent years, adding features like improved Supercharging Navigation, cabin camera stream, and safety measures.

There will likely be a number of improvements introduced within the next few weeks.

App coding suggests that Tesla will soon release a new Boombox V2, enabling owners to customize driving sounds and horns.

Tesla will introduce "Self Park Standby Mode," possibly in response to Elon Musk, CEO's recent comments regarding improvements made to Smart Summon (also referred to as Reverse Summon), Park Seek and Reverse Summon features.

Park Seek can be defined as: When your car enters Park Seek, it will search for and park itself automatically; your phone will come back to you with just a tap."

Not A Tesla App was the first to recognize a coding tweet as part of an apparent safety feature called "Cabin Overheat Protection".

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