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Tesla's software update 2023.12 brings many new features and enhancements, but some of the undocumented ones are the most intriguing. These minor, lesser known updates enhance the experience of users and show Tesla's commitment in continuous innovation. So far, we've spotted 10 undocumented improvements in the newest build.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking was improved. Now it will stop vehicles traveling in a perpendicular direction and can support higher speeds. This system has some limited support for reverse travel.

Reverse Camera

Tesla updated their reverse camera application slightly. A separate button is now available in the top right-hand corner, allowing you to display or hide repeater cameras. The previous method of hiding and showing repeater cameras was to swipe up and down on reverse camera feed.

Parked Visualization

The visualization of the vehicle that appears while parked can be rotated to different viewing angles. This isn't very useful, but you can enjoy the detail that Tesla has included in the visualization.

Nav Improvements

The distance between your current location and the destination you search for will be displayed in each result. Tesla has made the pin more similar to a button so that it's clear it is its own button. By tapping on the destination name, you will be taken directly there, whereas by tapping the pin, you will get more information, such as reviews, the phone number, and photos.

Rename Vehicle in App

Tesla owners can now rename the vehicles they own directly via the Tesla app. Just tap on the existing name, enter the new, and then press "OK."

Speedometer Font

The font has been given a slight weighting to make it more noticeable at a quick glance.

Wiper Speed Adjustment

Drivers are able to adjust the wiper speeds without touching any touchscreen. On the Model 3 and Model Y you will need to tap the button near the left stalk. This will wipe the screen once and display the controls for the wipers on the screen. To cycle through different wiper speeds, you can tilt the left scrollwheel of the steering wheel.

Air Suspension

Users have greater control over the settings of air suspension, including being able to toggle height and speed adjustment on and off at a particular location.

Favorite Songs

The heart icon is replaced by the plus (+) symbol for songs you like. Tesla felt that the plus sign (+) worked better on all services.

Tesla Theater Icons

Tesla Theater icons look square and app-like, rather than the old horizontal logos. These icons also happen to match WeChat apps Tesla has released in China. Could it mean something else?

App Drawer

You can now see all the options available by opening the app drawer in the launcher. Customize is located at the very top.

Updated Charging Feature

Also, the menu for charging in Controls -> Charging was given a makeover. The vehicle visualization has been removed, making the battery slider easier to use. The previous version was also much less fluid.

New Labels

Tesla began adding "New" labels to all new options or functions. Tesla will probably continue to add these label in future updates so that owners are more aware.

Tesla 2023.12 has been the biggest and most exciting Tesla update since the Holiday 2022 Update. This update allows drivers to control popular functions like changing the HVAC fan's speed or changing the acceleration mode, all without touching a screen.

Also included was the option to alter the font size on the display, a feature which has been requested since quite some time.

Tesla continues to improve its driving experience with the 2023.12 upgrade. Tesla Release Notes for 2023.12 will allow you to explore the entire range of features as well as undocumented updates.

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