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Tesla's long-promised Track pack for the Model S Plaid is now available, promising to unleash the electric sedan’s full potential. Tesla's Model-S Plaid reached 60 mph at a speed of 2.1 seconds when tested by Car and Driver in 2021. However, due to weak brakes it was only able to reach 162 mph instead of the 200 mph that it had originally been capable of. The new brakes come after last year's introduction of Track Mode, which included a number of changes including the ability to adjust the stability and cooling.


Tesla had promised the carbon-ceramic package since the Plaid launched in 2021. Tesla claimed that package would be ready last summer. But it's unclear whether Tesla ever installed more powerful brakes. The upgrade, which includes six piston forged calipers for the front and four piston forged calipers for the rear with high-performance brakes, is finally here. These are clamped onto 16.1 inch carbon-silicon carbide rotors, both front and back. Tesla also claims the package includes brake fluid that is "track-ready". The carbon-ceramic kits can be bought separately.


Along with new brakes, this package includes new wheels and tires. The Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R Tires are fitted on the new aluminum "Zero G", forged wheels that Tesla calls its "Zero G", with 285/35R20 tires up front and 315/30R20 tires at the rear. The new brakes work with both the 21-inch "Arachnid", as well as the 19-inch rollers.


Tesla has listed the price at "$15,000-$20,000." Tesla hasn't confirmed our belief that $15,000 gets you just the carbon-ceramic kit and $20,000 gets you the whole Track package which includes the wheels, tires, and other accessories. Model S Plaid Track package is available for purchase in June 2023. It can be retrofitted into 2021 or later Plaid models.

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