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Tesla Unveils FSD Version 11.4: What's New?

Tesla released FSD Beta version 11.4 to their employees and original testers should follow soon after. This update, known as 2023.3.6.15, marks the first time FSD Beta is based on an 2023 branch; prioritizing refinements in vehicle performance over adding new features was their priority when crafting this update.

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users.

Tesla vehicles can predict pedestrian movements and respond accordingly, creating a smoother drive at intersections as vehicles will know when it is appropriate to stop or continue.

Updates have also made FSD Beta version 11.4 more responsive to road users who may be at risk, like cyclists or motorcyclists. Now it responds faster when necessary by altering vehicle speeds to ensure everyone remains safe on the roads.


Improving Driving Performance in Urban, Rural and Adverse Weather Conditions

Weather-adapted speed control is one of the standout features of FSD Beta version 11.4; this technology automatically adjusts Autopilot's maximum speed according to current weather conditions, including factors like road wettness, visibility, tire tread depth and tire spray from another vehicle.

The updated Tesla vehicle can now make more accurate turns in cities, helping drivers avoid obstacles and navigate dense areas more fluidly. The result will be smoother navigation that avoids obstacles like parked automobiles and bus lanes, plus advanced bus lane identification to stop it entering restricted areas.

FSD Beta 11.4 should offer substantial improvements for rural regions thanks to improved detection of lane lines, road edges and markings - particularly useful on roads with uneven markings or pavement - making driving on these roads feel safer than before. Furthermore, this update refines lane navigation and partial cutin predictions using Tesla's library of clips and auto labeling system so your car stays in its proper lane and accurately predicts movement of other cars in its vicinity.


Smarter Navigation with Lane Guidance and Speed Adjustments

FSD Beta 11/4 takes into account upcoming navigational deadlines when adjusting vehicle speeds during lane changing, leading to faster times overall. Tesla cars have Vision Speed systems which also utilize this information and deduce typical speeds on specific roads for improved speed control across residential areas and parking lot environments.

Tesla has enhanced the long-range detection of path blockages, enabling cars to change lanes quickly in order to circumvent obstacles more efficiently.


Who Can Apply for This Beta Funding Opportunity?

FSD Beta can now be downloaded by owners with 2023.2 and 2023.6 updates, offering them the chance to experience FSD for themselves! Register today if this has been something that has intrigued you but has eluded you so far; just don't press "subscribe" before verifying if this update is available before clicking on it!

Tesla typically first releases updates for employees and then OG testers before rolling it out to everyone else. If an issue prevents an update from going live, Tesla stops rolling it out until an updated version becomes available and resumes rolling it out as soon as the new revision becomes available.

FSD Beta 11.3, released to owners after multiple revisions, has been available for some time now. FSD Beta 11.4 will likely see less revisions; major updates of FSD Beta have typically been released between one and three revisions in the past.

What happens next is dependent upon whether Tesla experiences any major issues. They could release FSD Beta 11 to Original Guide testes or remain silent for several days until 11.4.1 or similar versions of FSD Beta appear.

FSD Beta 11.4 shows Tesla's commitment to expanding autonomous vehicle technology. We are inching closer toward an era in which fully automated vehicles become the norm; read through FSD Beta 11:4 release notes for more details about all of these changes and improvements.

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