Tesla's Gigafactory Mexico Construction Time Increased for $25k Compac – Tesla Maison

Tesla plans to build a new Gigafactory in Mexico and expects it to take 12-15 months of construction time, much longer than the nine month record set by Giga Shanghai but for good reason: as they work on developing their production line - likely Model Y Mini!


How to Establish a New Production Line

Governor Garcia Sepulveda explained why construction took longer in an interview on Milenio Television: Initially it was thought they could break Shanghai's nine month record but through our discussions they realized their model - an immensely popular economic one - needed a whole new production line to fulfill its potential.

Construction on the line will commence once production has concluded; Governor Garcia Sepulveda of Nuevo Leon announced their readiness to begin in November of 2022 and await final renderings for any necessary adjustments. We received permission in November, moving forward on turbo, water/electricity/gas, school gas systems/school gas connections/connectors. Nuevo Leon is ready and eager to start this phase of their projects - please see Governor Garcia Sepulveda for more details!


This megafactory boasts both the world's largest gigafactory as well as an innovative sustainable city model.

Santa Catarina will become home to the world's biggest Tesla plant - surpassing even that in Texas - according to Governor Braulio da Costa. "This will be the largest Gigafactory worldwide; even bigger than Texas," he noted, as its presence provides sustainable and connected cities around it.

Santa Catarina as well as surrounding cities and states will benefit from this substantial investment, according to Garcia Sepulveda who sees Nuevo Leon becoming an epicenter of electromobility globally.

Construction on Tesla Gigafactory Mexico has officially begun and looks to become a world leader in electromobility, sustainable innovation, and green technology. Though construction may take longer than Giga Shanghai's version did, producing their $25k Compact Car will bring fresh excitement.

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