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Tesla recently updated their Referral Program with new incentives and rewards for customers referred by friends or family, including money off and free months of the full self-driving program for certain models.

Tesla is offering three months of full self-driving for free and up to $1,000 off any Model S/X purchase referred by someone, as an incentive. Whoever refers a buyer will also be given an attractive offer.

They will receive 20,000 Referral Points as well.

"If you own (or previously owned) one or more qualifying products and purchase another one that qualifies with your Tesla Account in the future, then this could qualify you for cash prizes and benefits listed.

Referrers can earn 3,500 Loot Box Credits with every Model 3 or Model Y sale they refer, which can be redeemed against upgrades, accessories and merchandise purchases for either vehicle upgrade purposes, merchandise sales or merchandise prizes, such as Home Charging Wall Connectors.

In its previous form, this program even offered free vehicles.

Tesla Credits will expire 12 months from their Grant Date; therefore, use them within this timeframe or they could expire and you could lose them forever!

Tesla announced last night that their tax incentives on their Model 3 vehicle will change significantly, so it will be interesting to see just how many individuals qualify for referral awards.


Tesla Makes Significant Adjustments To Model 3 Tax Incentives

Now all three Model 3 trims qualify for the full $7.500 tax credit, up from Model 3 Performance's original qualification of only half this amount - $3750 - which made its debut earlier this year.

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