Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack Establishes New Nurburgring Record – Tesla Maison

According to Tesla's announcement, the Model S Plaid Track Pack set a new Nurburgring lap record with 7 minutes 25.231.

Tesla posted a video showcasing their record-setting run with their all-electric flagship sedan, Model S Plaid Track Pack. On select sections of a 12.94 mile track, speeds reached as high as 179.58mph. The vehicle also reached speeds of up to 183.8 mph in certain places on its journey around.

Tesla revealed in its video of the Model S Track Pack's record setting Nurburgring run that its vehicle featured a circular steering wheel whereas in 2021 the record was broken by one featuring an out of factory and equipped with a steering yoke.

The Tesla Model S with Track Pack recorded a lap time of 7:25.231 which is more than 10 seconds faster than 2021's factory Model S (7:35.579). This new record time for Model S Plaid With Track Pack will certainly set an industry precedent; we shall see what other automakers, like Porsche, do to respond.

Tesla's Model S Plaid Track Pack features aluminum forged wheels fitted with track-ready brake fluid and tires, carbon-silicon carbid rotors, one-piece calipers equipped with high performance brake pads, software tuning to maximize performance - reaching speeds up to 200mph! Prices range between $15,000-$20,000,000.

Elon Musk predicted that the Tesla Model S with Track Pack could achieve lap times under 7 minutes at the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, his predictions haven't come to fruition yet and remain well off from his expectations. Musk stated his intent for Tesla to reach this mark by 2021 during a podcast interview with Joe Rogan; in addition he believed Model S Plaid could do this with further improvements.

"We aim to hit Nurburgring's low-7-minute mark, according to Elon Musk. If they make more improvements he believes they could break 7 minutes at the Nurburgring."

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