Tesla Restores Remote and Window Auto Operate Capabilities After NHTSA – Tesla Maison

Tesla is working to restore previously disabled remote and automatic window functions, helping them comply with NHTSA standards. Reinstatement was accomplished using over-the-air (OTA) configuration which avoids software installations.

Many weeks ago, our team reported that Tesla had disabled certain auto and remote window functions to comply with an over-the-air (OTA) recall that involved over one million cars. This recall addressed an issue with automatic windows reversal systems; in accordance with new NHTSA federal regulations that no longer permit auto-closed windows to be controlled via app or car - prompting many Tesla owners to vent on social media in protest at this decision.

The features that were affected included:
  • Rolling window(s) up/down with physical switches unless the vehicle's brake pedal has been pressed
  • Venting/closing the windows via the Tesla mobile app
  • Automatically closing the windows once the vehicle has locked
  • Automatically closing the windows when the vehicle is in Car Wash Mode

Tesla Service at that time informed owners that certain features were unavailable until further development had taken place. NHTSA's advice not only applied to windows, but roof panels and partitions as well. Tesla may selectively disable certain functions based on NHTSA advice - and may vary between models in this respect.

Tesla started reactivating vehicles that lost features last Friday. Reddit users have confirmed an in-car screen message announcing window options available to their vehicle. This message reads in its entirety as follows.

Your Tesla now has access to new window features. Vent and close your windows remotely through the Tesla app, and enable 'Close Windows on Lock' in 'Controls' > 'Locks' on your vehicle's touchscreen.

This recall may not have affected every car in the U.S. as many still allow drivers to remotely close windows. Your vehicle might only have been affected if it contained specific types of window hardware - hopefully soon this recall will reactivate them for those affected by it.

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