Tesla places $227M+ in order for Cybertruck Parts from South Korea – Tesla Maison
Tesla recently ordered Cybertruck components worth over 227 Million from Seoyon E-Hwa of South Korea, who confirmed this transaction.

Seoyon E-Hwa, commonly referred to as the Korean Composite Stock Price Indices (KOSPI), is part of KOSPI, an index series that tracks the Korean Stock Exchange. Seoyon E-Hwa, however, specializes in automotive interior components like door panels and bumpers as well as seats, headliners for rear seats, package trays and screen assemblies for production vehicles.

Tesla recently placed an order with Seoyon E.Hwa for A, C and B pillars estimated at 300 billion won (roughly $227 million) from South Korean company Cybertruck E.Hwa for three-year supply contract that will run up until 2028.

Seoyeon E-Hwa, a Korean company, recently rented an industrial facility in Monterrey for more than $9 Million to manufacture Tesla parts. Expatriot workers will begin arriving as early as June in Mexico to produce Cybertruck components.

Tesla Cybertruck preparations have reached full speed as pre-production phase approaches. Texas company will host an event to deliver Cybertrucks later this year.

Elon addressed questions during the Q1 2019 earnings call regarding Cybertruck features by saying, "I think we will save that for its handover which should occur around Q3 this year."

"I can say with absolute conviction that this product is outstanding; an Hall-of-Famer for sure. People won't be let down." Musk further commented, stating, "It truly is amazing."

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