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Texas is often thought of as being a big state, yet another example can be seen with Tesla Cybertruck being seen by Gigafactory at Lonestar State.

YouTube published a drone-shot video of Tesla's Texas Gigafactory. The footage showed wiper blade testing as well as what appears to be aerodynamic testing on an airflow simulator platform - with employees seen spraying water at windshield. An employee could be seen spraying water onto windshield - while this massive wiper covers most of an enormous truck's massive windshield area.

Though the final wiper design remains unknown, the prototype seen here seems close to its final form. Production is set to commence later this summer. While Elon Musk never took to this concept personally and even suggested replacing the mega wiper may not be permanent solution, due to the sheer size of a windshield, only one option exists - replacing it.

Cybertruck Wiper in Action

At 13:35 of this drone video, Cybertruck wipers are being tested.

This Frunk Is the Ultimate Competition against other Companies.

@greggertruck recently shared images that suggest the Cybertruck's Mega Power Frunk is similar to that found on a Ford F-150 Lightning. Following Investor Day, Tesla investor Matthew Donegan-Ryan posted inside information regarding this cybertruck on social media; an employee confirmed its design would not include a lid like Model X has; rather it will open similarly like its Ford counterpart.

Elon musk, Tesla's chief executive officer, stated that Cybertruck still needs to be tweaked ahead of its debut later this summer. Production would then begin gradually ramping up again by 2024.

The Cybertruck provides an intriguing glimpse of the future for electric vehicles, with its powerful windshield wiper and innovative frunk giving a glimpse of its capabilities.

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