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Recent updates to YouTube in Tesla vehicles had users encountering an inconvenient problem where video resolutions were set and stuck at 360p resolution, and dropdown menus weren't working within its settings. But, as of September 2, it seems the issue has been addressed, and they can enjoy content at resolutions up to 1080p.

Now you can enjoy all your videos in HD quality.

Tesla recently updated their YouTube App to better support dropdown navigation, with YouTube appearing to update their website accordingly. By tapping on the screen you are now able to adjust resolution, speed of playback and toggle captions as necessary.

YouTube now transitions automatically if you select any menu dropdown, shifting between options such as 360p (the default), 480p, 720p etc. when tapping any dropdown.

Enhance Your Tesla Theater Experience!

Tesla owners will enjoy this update as they stream YouTube content through their Tesla Theaters. Thanks to enhanced dropdown menu functionality, viewers will now have more flexibility in choosing their desired quality when streaming videos through Tesla Theater.

Tesla vehicles boast large displays. Now more detailed and clearer screens have been implemented in car screens for optimal video experience when using Tesla Theater. This change ensures owners get an enhanced video viewing experience when using this application.

If YouTube is something you enjoy watching while driving, try testing this out: Pause the video, tap on its settings icon at the top, and change your resolution with just one dropdown selection in Settings dialog.

Fixes to this problem appear on YouTube, eliminating the need for Tesla software updates. As such, Tesla owners should once more enjoy 1080p content.

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