Tesla cancels orders in Australia for Model S, and Model X orders – Tesla Maison
Tesla Australia has temporarily suspended orders of its flagship Model S and Model X models, effectively restricting buyers to receiving updates instead.

Tesla Australia updated its Online Design Studio last evening to reflect that they no longer accept orders for Model S and Model X in Australia, including Design Studio and its $400 refundable option. Instead, customers may subscribe to receive updates via mailing list by selecting "Get Updates."

The Drive, an Australian media outlet which was the first to report Tesla Model S or Model X cars being unavailable to order directly, continues making them available for other Right Hand Drive markets.

Tesla recently announced nearly 423,000 vehicle deliveries during its inaugural quarter and in its press release noted this shift to more equitable regional car production, such as Model S/X cars destined for EMEA or APAC markets.

APAC refers to Asia-Pacific and Australia. Tesla started delivery of Model S and Model X vehicles to mainland China since 2021 when they upgraded their cars, becoming the first such deliveries on mainland Chinese soil since this upgrade took effect.

Tesla began accepting orders for their Model S vehicle several years ago. Australia saw its inaugural "refreshed units" of this vehicle early this year.

Tesla has yet to confirm if they plan to withdraw the Model S or Model X completely from Australia market, nor notified anyone who placed orders that they will receive refunds; there appears to be an extensive backlog of vehicles in Australia.

Tesla's Design Studio announced in 2021 that deliveries would commence "late in 2022", yet all pricing and projection information was removed from their website in late 2021. Tesla has adjusted vehicle prices regularly this year due to supply chain issues making it hard to predict pricing in markets outside the United States.

Tesla produces its Model S and Model X vehicles at only one plant in Northern California: Fremont. While both cars make up less than five per cent of Tesla's quarterly average volume sales, Fremont remains home for them nonetheless.

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