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Labor Board officials have recently found Tesla to have violated labor law after ordering employees at its Orlando repair shop not to discuss pay and working conditions with each other.

Tesla managers at their repair shop had instructed employees not to discuss pay with one another after being paid more. After complaints were lodged by employees, a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge determined that Tesla's directive that workers not discuss pay with coworkers was illegal.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRB) guarantees employees their right to communicate freely among themselves regarding pay issues.

"Even if your employer prohibits certain equipment such as social media, it is still possible to discuss wages both directly and in writing with them," stated the agency. Be wary if using social media or electronic communications such as email to communicate; your employer could have policies against using such tools and it is unlawful for them to forbid wage discussions.

Judge Michael Rosas issued Tesla with a cease and desist letter.

Tesla and NLRB have long had an adversarial relationship, with NLRB often taking too harsh an approach toward Tesla in recent times; but this policy seems relatively straight-forward.

Tesla has had several rulings by NLRB overturned unfairly in recent months.

According to the agency, Tesla's request that employees wear uniforms was in violation of labor laws as this uniform is necessary for employee safety and quality control. Furthermore, NLRB found that Tesla's desire for employees to wear clothing issued by them rather than "pro-union shirts" as being illegal under labor law.

Tesla employs a dress code policy in order to protect both their employees and vehicles. When this ruling was issued against them, Tesla decided to protest it vigorously.

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