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Tesla Model 3's design has become an icon of e-car culture. Any changes will certainly generate buzz; Reddit leaked an image showing major revisions of Model 3 headlights which is sure to draw interest and provoke speculation. Reddit released this post confirming this dramatic new design which will no doubt draw stares.

Tesla has demonstrated their commitment to innovation and improvement through this bold modification to one of their most beloved vehicles, the Model 3. As well as featuring LED headlights, this picture also shows other details; Highland, the model 3's refresh code, will see numerous modifications as well. Here is a brief outline of what you can expect.

An Eye-Catchy Redesign of Headlight
Reddit provides a clear image of the Model 3's updated new headlights. This leaked photo aligns perfectly with information we uncovered for our article Project Highland Exposed; additionally, this picture matches incognito models with covered headlights.

Foglights appear to have been removed, although it is unclear whether they have been incorporated into the headlight. Tesla will use its vision system for park assist. Interestingly, however, its bumper does not contain any ultrasonic sensor; Model 3 should feature one at the lower center of its bumper but this image doesn't reveal that.

Side mirrors appear narrower than current models. Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's chief designer has noted that future Tesla vehicles may feature less branding.

Expectations are that Model 3 Highland will receive additional updates.
Recently we provided an outline of all of the changes to Highland. Here is our story that includes elements not shown in leaked image.

Bumper Camera: Redesign of front bumper will feature a single lens camera installed within its lower vent to address concerns about objects being detected in blind spots.

Rear Bumper: It remains unclear why the rear bumper has been altered.

Additional Cameras: The Highland will feature three additional cameras: one on its front bumper and two more mounted to its sides - which could improve visibility at certain intersections.

Sensors: Tesla will switch to a GPS-based system as an exterior temperature sensor replacement and is improving its GPS module to deliver more precise location detection.

Interior: Details on the interior modifications are scant; the dash will get an overhaul while some wood trim components will be changed out for something different.

Tesla's Model 3 Highland update highlights their commitment to staying at the top of their game and improving their vehicles. Customers are likely to appreciate both cost cutting measures and major upgrades such as adding cameras or upgrading hardware; as Project Juniper for Model Y production will begin sometime during Q3.

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