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Tesla's Master Plan Part 3 is certainly ambitious. This document serves as an inspiring rallying cry to all companies to embrace sustainability, with goals both present and long term for Tesla's car lineup.

From Giga Mexico's table, it was clear that their compact car would be produced there and expected to have sales of 42 million units over time. Master Plan Part 3 indicates there are 686 million cars currently active worldwide within this same market.

Critics and bears of Tesla immediately took issue with the prospect of selling 42 million units for an upcoming car. Although such a goal may appear unrealistic at first glance, it is achievable. While this goal likely won't be reached within the next couple of decades, this goal can still be reached over time.

Tesla’s 42 million compact EV sales target is not as insane as it looks

Automakers have sold an astounding 42 million units worldwide. The Toyota Corolla, still popular today, has sold more than 50,000,000 units since 1966 - that's 50,000,000 sold across 12 generations! Volkswagen Golfs and other models also enjoy tremendous popularity with 35.5 Million sold worldwide.

Tesla has the unique opportunity to be the next Golf or Corolla with their compact electric car, priced $25,000 less than many affordable electric models. Not only will the Tesla compact offer superior range and performance for your money than existing players in this segment; but you'll get more value overall from it too.

Though it may appear impossible for Tesla to match the Toyota Corolla's sales numbers, one should remember that other electric vehicle makers had similar concerns about their models such as the Model 3 sedan/crossover and Model Y crossover. Elon Musk recently stated that his Model Y crossover could become the world's top-selling car by volume; that prospect appears increasingly likely with each passing year. Furthermore, Tesla's next-generation Tesla car is expected to outsell the Model Y by an impressive margin, suggesting comparable sales might occur between both cars.

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